What i would like to see

Two spec class. Create survival as a tank spec with five to ten percent mastery buff for passive health regeneration while pet is active. Poisons, dots, melee weaving, defensive cooldowns much like warlock but allow the pet to taunt swap periodically. Allow pets to have defensive cooldowns i.e. stam buff armor buff. Hunters need shields and taunts i.e. call of the wild as taunt. Much like hand of reck or whatever warriors use. Seems fun would trim the fat and confusion between playstyles. Combine marksman with beastmastery and allow aimedshot. to rotate on gcd everything stays the same: beast mastery gains aimed shot while pets still have passive dmg focus [talent] compared to what was then was the [old ]survival. Tell me what you guys think if this is a good or bad idea. Frankly would love to see it implemented. Do the same with shaman but allow resto to merge as a tank keep elemental and enhance the same.

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