What i miss (old man rant)

We’ve had some of those recently!

A lot of the toxic people have moved on. Still a few creeping around, but yeah

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I’ll be looking for you.

Is that so? You must not get out much… I am all over.

It’s not like the game does a good job of ensuring that the server is all sharded together or anything.

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y r u runnin

Im not runnin!


Never saw someone hit spacebar so fast.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great point. You are always watching your back- mobs or people in classic/og. I was farming nodes in silithus on my rogue on a pvp server and it was a WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME. Those tunnels get brutal haha. Legit super tough getting around those elites and then you got the other rogues. Man when they dropped ZJ. The world pvp in that zone was just crazy. They don’t have those moments in modern wow.

Quick edit: sorry for the NECRO AGAIN.