What happens to normal souls?

Each of the realms represents specific types of souls. Warriors, duty-bound, etc, etc…

What if you’re just like… a baker. I mean. All the realms are pretty specific about what kind of soul goes there right. What about the vast majority of just… people hanging out. Surely, bob the mailman isn’t fighting in Maldraxxus cause he fended off a medium-sized dog that one time.

It’s been driving me nuts.

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There’s a special realm they go to where your loaves never fall, bun essence is in the air and your sponge doesn’t crack when you make a Swiss roll.



Joe the Baker goes to some other afterlife, there are an infinite number of them to pick from. The common person’s afterlife just is not important to the core mechanism of the Shadowlands is all.

I wondered if that was the case, but I had never heard it mentioned. I have so many questions lol. I need to know about Joe’s afterlife. He was a good baker.

What about lousy DKs that can only do LFR?

I dunno. Are you a good baker?

No, but my fishing is almost maxed

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Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if this doesn’t remain the case. They hinted that we’ll probably be visiting additional Shadowlands realms in later patches, so I could imagine some narrative hook where not only do the four “main” realms begin to change how they do things, but everyone finds out the infinite other realms can also contribute to the defense, upkeep and overall betterment of the Shadowlands in their own respective ways that add up to something better and more resilient than the current centralized processes, which seem to have only worked fine for eons because nothing had actually come along that posed a legitimate threat to the whole system.

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Watch the cutscene where they explain it again, there’s many more than 4 afterlives. Look for the doors.


If you are a Baker, you go to the halls of baking; meet Grumble’s ancestors and bake cookies.



Then you probably don’t get to hang out with Joe, but I’m sure there is a fishing realm.

I’d find this interesting. I’m not sure why, but I REALLY want to see the realm where just normal average people go. Are they reincarnated? Is it like DnD afterlife realms and you just go to one that fits more your alignment/deities? What about people who worship the light but don’t fight the whole Bastion thing? The Naaru are physical, so where do those people go?

Cosmology is a big thing for me.

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All those Monster’s Incorporated doors?

Maybe if we just scream really loud we can just escape to a world with pizza, cookies and tropical paradises

I want to see where evil Titan Constructs go. Because I honestly want to see this part of the Maw.

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I believe shadowlands “made itself” to whatever was needed. How? That’s a good question.

Anyway most questions about shadowlands why and how are probably answer with “shadowlands did it”

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We’re just seeing the four most prominent realms. When you meet the Arbiter you see the countless doors stretching out of view? Those are all different afterlives.

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See I need to go re-watch that. I think I missed that scene.

I shouldn’t have rewatched it. That screeching noise she makes when shutting down is horrific.

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Bakehalla awaits you

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