What happened to stealth?

Interesting to hear that it is happening in Nazjatar without bodyguards.

I just ran the intro to Mechagon Island scenario (yet again) with my rogue and the Prince with the Rustbolt Rebellion seemed to cause the same kind of problem with my stealth while he was following me around. One of the few times you have a non-pet companion in that zone. I guess the only other time would be when you revive bots.

Anyway, I would like to know if this is a fluke or not. Assuming that it is I doubt it will be fixed so I guess we wait for 8.2.5 or 8.3 or whatever to find out.

They always break Rogue stealth. Most of the time it is because of the Subterfuge talent.

Other issues seem to be tied to the combat bug and bodyguards. Some also trace it back to certain essences.

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Something is going on with Rogue stealth.

There are times where it just falls off. I thought I was trippin… but once in AB when I was stealthing alone to Farm, it just dropped. No one around, no one hit me.

I simply restealthed. But that made me realize that there is something wrong.

I dont have any issues with my Druid prowling. But he is resto/balance, so I dont spend as much time stealthed. Maybe I dont notice it.

But it happens like maybe three times a week, that I notice, on my Rogue. Just a complete dropping of stealth with no apparent reason.


I can confirm it’s dropping on druid as well.


Actually hunter camouflage and Night Elf stealth for my Demon Hunter have failed as well. Forgot to mention that earlier.


This is something that we are actively working on. We hope to have a hotfix out soon that will help your follower vanish so keep an eye out for it.


It’s the bodyguard.

Definitely the Bodyguard. Leave them to die while you escape to safety.


The bodyguard isn’t around when it happens in Zandalar/KT and BG’s.


Stealth was dropping for me on my Rogue in Legion, Its been around a long time.

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Stealth will drop randomly in some areas of Nazjatar, but you also have to be wary of things like the Starfish you can pick up for a buff. They will put you into a “False Stealth” state, similar to shadowmeld while pulling you out of actual stealth.

You’ll still appear as though you’re stealthed but mobs will detect you at a near regular distance. You can restealth after clicking the starfish.

It’s really too much to ask for a finished game these days, right?


this has always been an issue. i’ve played rogue for 10 years and every time anything gives you a bodyguard or companion of some kind they either don’t stealth with you or it screws it up somehow. i avoided the bodyguard mechanic entirely in legion despite them granting some serious benefits. anyhow i just always make sure to go do their quests first and click them away asap.

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what i wanna know is when are you guys gonna fix stealth randomly breaking inside waycrest manor inside the hallway around the pig boss? stealth always breaks there for no reason despite not taking damage.

Can we do something about Potion of Unbridled Fury breaking stealth on use?

How was this not reported on the PTR?

Stealth breaking has been reported since MoP for Rogues. Sometimes it gets fixed, sometimes it doesn’t. It seems like they just don’t know what is going on.


Yeah, not sure what’s happening with this. My Rogue is getting bumped out of stealth all over. Vanish and Feign Death often fail. Not even for any particular reason that I can figure out, the mobs just ignore it. Sometimes I’ll just be standing there in Nazjatar, and suddenly an entire flock of mobs will converge on me when I literally did nothing, and didn’t attack or even get close to anything - flying mindbender and ray mobs are especially terrible for this. And then there’s that one spot in the middle of Nazjatar by a cave and a waterfall that dismounts you from your flying mount when you fly over it, that’s fun too.


Bodyguards cause too many problems, hate it. Only good bodyguards were the one that stealthed with you.

Stealth?? You guys should start being a man and roll a warrior :+1: