What Happen? I just Got Back

I knew TN was dying but man this is crazy. Just got back from 7.1.5 and there’s like NO ONE around.


Same here alliance side, feels like I’m the only one on this server. The temporary CrossRealmZone feature didn’t help either.

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@Celeano, im here and my guild the court eternal. Im looking for like minded alliance to help us survive Najatar because of ED horde bs.

Yeah it does seem really rough. I joined the game again a couple weeks or so before 8.2 and leveled a nightborn rogue and halfway through found out that outlaw is the most fun I’ve had with wow since wrath dk’s. Got capped and looked to get some stuff done and it’s just… quiet. sharding does help a bit but tbh the world feels dead outside of nazjatar and mechagon to the extreme. I installed some rp mods but never really see any indication that i’ll ever get a chance to do it since I’m stuck grinding 24/7 if I wanna keep up and get flying, and the world aside is dead anyway.

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also tbh sharding feels like a huge double edged sword. perhaps partly because i’m in warmode i guess. apparently rp/pvp does not exist these days…

I’m here. For whatever that is worth.

OK, I’m back. It seems empty because I remember “turning” the War Mode “ON