What does Wyrmrest Accord think of BFA?

(Enekie) #61

It was content designed for you. Not for us.

It was a Horde victory. Or a Horde defeat. It was a moment where the Horde’s character was tested (again) and they have to face stark decisions about the future of their faction (again) wherein they and they alone get to decide the fate of themselves and of Azeroth (again).

For the Alliance, it was a week of quests and a bad cinematic.

(Baenura) #62

Yeah whether you hated Teldrassil or loved it, it was a slaughter of night elves and instead of focusing on how the elves or Gilneans felt about it, the narrative of Teldrassil was more about Saurfang and the Horde.

We’ve had to wait until now to get any meaningful elf stuff surrounding it, and even that is just the Darkshore warfront which–as mentioned earlier–is going to be an eternal stalemate like every other BG.

(Lyzettie) #63

The tidesages are corrupted by the old gods. Raising one as a forsaken doesn’t pale in comparison. Unless you’re saying that the horde are worse than old gods, which is an opinion I can see you having.

Frankly you’re right. The horde getting a storyless raid to finish their plot is better than the alliance waiting a patch to get their raid. Poor, poor alliance.

(Eledriss) #64

So to clarify, because I think I initially misunderstood your point: you’re saying that Blizzard created more content for the Horde than they did for the Alliance – but not saying that said content was fulfilling, enjoyable, or something we should be happy we got? Because the second part was what I thought I was arguing against.

(Enekie) #65

Despite the obvious dig, it is objective fact that the Horde is a more destructive and vicious force than the Old Gods.

This is incorrect, unfortunately. The Horde got a lackluster story to explain their way into Uldir. The Alliance got no story at all.

Even when you’re unhappy, you’re still getting more than the Alliance. Why are you dissatisfied with that outcome?

(Enekie) #66

I’m saying that, however unhappy or unfulfilling or unsatisfying you find your content, the content is still designed solely with you in mind. Whether or not Blizzard succeeds in making you happy is not ignoring that your happiness is a priority for Blizzard and the Alliance’s is not. People need to be cognizant of that fact moving forward.

(Eledriss) #67

I know you’re not talking to me, but I for one am not interested in “getting more than the Alliance.” I want to get something I enjoy. I’d love it if the Alliance also got things they enjoyed. I’m dissatisfied because neither of us are getting things we enjoy. I don’t think this needs to be an adversarial relationship where getting “more” than what the other faction gets means we’re in a good place.

(Enekie) #68

It doesn’t matter what either of us want. It’s what’s happening. And the only way to change that is to push forward with an emphasis on more Alliance content.

(Baenura) #69

This entire conversation got started because Ursuola said the Alliance story was unenjoyable and someone else said “WELL ACTUALLY…”

Like, the adversarial thing wasn’t Enekie’s fishing.

(Lyzettie) #70

The alliance got as much story going into uldir as the horde will get going to the upcoming azshara raid. But I’m sure we’ll get a line or two so technically we get more.

The circle of life continues.

(Ursuola) #71

In an expansion that is based around two superpowers fighting a massive war, having one superpower lose all the time does bring down the quality of the story.

There’s also the aspect less of literal writing quality and more of just being fun to play through. I want to have fun being on the Alliance. It’s fun to have your faction be strong and win; it’s fun to go to Blizzcon decked out in your faction’s colors and scream when they call your faction.

The Horde gets to have pride in the faction because they’re cool and win wars. The devs have the power to give the Alliance the same treatment; why don’t they?

(Enekie) #72

That is actually incorrect. Given that the Horde’s happiness and feelings are a priority for Blizzard, it is guaranteed that there will be effort put into making the plot make sense for them.

But you are correct. Uldir is a bigger raid with more story than the Crucible of Storms (which is a two-boss filler raid), so the Horde will have earned more by privilege of being Horde.

(Lyzettie) #73

I don’t know…have you played the horde story? I have a couple times and I’ve yet to see my damned military parade celebrating all our victories.

I want a parade damnnit.

(Eledriss) #74

Since the question was “why are you dissatisfied with this outcome,” I was answering that – not the question of whether anyone’s dissatisfaction matters, the question of what’s happening, or the question of how to solve it. But you’re right, it is what’s happening, and I’m not actually sure if there is a way to solve it, because I don’t see Blizzard listening much to complaints. The small tweaks they’ve implemented in response to feedback do very little to solve big issues. I hope I’m wrong.

I see what you’re saying, I believe. But I was specifically responding to Enekie’s wording. Enekie didn’t create an adversarial situation, but they did seem to imply that one exists, and that “Horde players” in this situation are expected to be satisfied with getting more than the Alliance does. I said that I didn’t feel this way.

Edit: Note, I’m putting “Horde players” in quotes not because I’m saying Enekie was addressing all Horde Players in that post, but because I actually feel that “Horde players” is a nebulous concept. Most players play both sides. There seems to be a sliding scale of identifying with one side or the other.

(Baenura) #75

Well… yeah, one obviously exists because of stuff like what just came up in this thread because Ursuola said she wasn’t satisfied with the Alliance story and someone popped up to say, “yeah but ours was worse you should be happy with yours!”

(Enekie) #76

One does exist. Whether we like it or not. Where one side gets better treatment than the other, the inequality creates adversary. The only way to remedy this is for the overbenefited side to part with some of theirs.

(Eledriss) #77

This is, indeed, a nonsense argument for either side to make.

(Lyzettie) #78

WELL ASCHULLAY it was my response to an alliance player claiming that the alliance storyline is non existenant and dumb in order to feed into a larger “blizzard has forsoke the alliance yet again” narrative that seems to ignore that the alliance gets better questing storylines time and time again.

But this is a zero sum game where negatives weigh heavier than positives, so the only thing that matters is that there ARE negatives to complain about.

(Baenura) #79

which is ironic of course since you’re doing the same thing, just with the roles reversed.

(Enekie) #80

Please list them.