What does it take to get a bot banned?

You need to possess a PhD in Automated Gameplay Dynamics and DNA evidence to persuade Blizzard that an obvious bot is an obvious bot. In six months, they might do something.


Blizzard did not have a human GM at your exact place at that exact time. That isn’t surprising - there are about 800,000 players. Blizzard does not have 800,000 GMs.

Blizzard bans thousands of bots each month. But many of them come back on different accounts, which aren’t yet banned. They even farm the same places. Blizzard cannot eliminate all botting.

What does it take to get YOUR SPECIFIC bot banned? A custom game, where you pay $700 per month to have instant human service. You can’t get that for $15 per month. You can’t get personalized service for you, at that price.

All you get is “my reported bot goes into the pool of thousands of other bot reports”. Each one has to be reviewed by a GM. Eventually they might find your bot, when it is actually botting, verify that you are right and ban it.

But first they will make sure it isn’t a player or multiboxer that just seems like they are botting. A lot of bot reports are incorrect.

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Report them as cheating, with Right click to report.

Just keep it short as what your thinking is happening and make sure your report all 5, it’s important to get them all.

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Yea bots are everywhere. There is an alliance warrior on Atiesh alliance side that is obviously botting. He does nothing but kill mobs. His movements are very robotic as if a computer program controlled the character. I saw him in various places doing the exact same thing. Doesn’t reply to whispers, keeps killing the mob even if I tag it before his attacks do. I reported him but doubtful anything will happen.

What he said, but details are more useful than speculation. Server, server time, what they were doing, and location.

I reported a level 20 fishing bot… deep in a level 50 zone. Blizzard sent an in game mail telling me action had been taken from my report. I know it was him, only one I had reported in quite a while.

So Blizzard does investigate and action valid reports.

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you would think this info is embedded in the report.

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You absolutely can get this for 15 a month. It was before and still incredibly profitable. Back around the Bliz Activision merge, according to shareholder documents, WoW subs each had about $0.75/month costs and the rest was pure profit.

Technology has since dramatically advanced, making that cost likely 1/4 of what it was back then.

Blizzard is fleecing people by not investing in proper support.


This is 100% the case. Stop making excuses for Activision’s garbage handling of Classic, Zevri.


Blizzards had made billions of dollars off this game. It shouldn’t 5 week to ban cheaters that farm 24/7 even after multiple reports.


I have at least 10 hunter herb/mob grind bots that i’ve been reporting since phase 1.

Whenever i lookup black lotus sellers on the AH i see their names occasionally.

Since it’s been 12 months i’m assuming Blizzard has given them at least one 6 month bans and they just come back and bot again.

Could be explained by this:

except they wouldn’t still be on my friends list if it was a new character with the same name and the bots on my friends list would have names like PlayerXACVB

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9 months to a year

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There’s only one way to eliminate bots, convince your fellow players to never buy gold. Doesn’t matter how many gets banned, as long as the companies behind can make a profit there will be bots.

I’ve stopped reporting bots. Never seen them taken action against and it takes too much work to right click and type in a ticket that will never be read

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bots pay 15$ a month too, most of them pay more because they multibox

It’s pretty toxic that you would try and deprive them of something they bought fair and square with their hard earned money.

If you report the bots, they ban them.

They do some, the bots i mentioned above have been going strong . Still lvl 43 been online nearly 24/7 for 7 weeks. The four combined and have probably farmed 100k + gold now. I’ve reported them several times and no actions in 7 weeks!

I read a article once in a gaming magazine. It was the article that made me
decide to try WoW. There was a article talking about the upcoming
expansion, The Burning Crusade. But there was also a mini article
talking about how Blizzard, during vanilla, handled bots.

The writer of the article bought a second WoW account.
They made a Gnome mage, and was going to test to
see how quickly a bot was taken care of in the game.
They contacted a leveling service and allowed the service to take
control of the mage with a bot to run it around killing things.
They then went on their regular account, and went out and
found the mage that was now a bot.

They reported it. They had all their guild, friends, and all their
coworkers, report it. But guess what? Nothing happened.
They waited for five days and nothing was done even after
all those reports. They finally took control back over and deleted
the mage and the account. This was long before Activision had
anything to do with Blizzard.

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