What does everyone think of Feral this season?

As the title says. What does everyone think of Feral in the M+ setting this season?

Blizz wont let feral be good. End of story.


dont forget along with that boomies will complain about something at some point and blizzard will give it to them while still ignoring us


They just buffed Ret, when Ret was out-dpsing Feral in M+ pretty regularly.

That should tell you everything you need to know.


feral is the red headed step child


Feral is still overly complicated for minimal dps not worth pushing yet, blizz wants us to have carpel tunnel, Boomkin kinda got railed for season 3 to. Overall Druid got moved down the list even gaurdian a little. I want to say dps is now bottom on some charts amd logs out there, not as desirable to bring to raids or mythics. Gave druids new skins and made them crap outside of heals. At this point the need to drop sun and moon stuff and just make it straight forward. Feral needs less uptime focusing and simpler rotations. Blizz has pinhold druids to healing and tanking for a long time.


Not looking great.

Also looks like we might be back to “Nerf DH”

Sample size of one but holy hell was it tearing it up on day one.

Edit sample size of two now. Looks like the tank is out of control too. And that I’ve seen about as many DH’s in the first two keys of the season as I have in the rest of expansion it looks like the fix is in.


Not sure why I’m feeling energy starved more this patch. Did they change something and not tell us? Maybe because it’s early in the season and it will get better with gear upgrades. But right now I’m using tiger’s fury on almost every fight whether I’m solo or in a dungeon.


Seems to always be a start of patch thing.

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Let’s just be honest, feral doesn’t even deserve a game designer.

Proof: The only class that doesn’t have covenant abilities in the general talent tree is druid and almost nobody takes convoke over incarnation in the spec talent tree.
Also, Feral’s spec talent is the most inconsistent between AOE and ST. The talents you take for either purpose are completely different, making feral absolutely energy starved on ST bosses in M+


For PvP, there should be talent choices somewhere in the feral tree.

  1. Reduce the recast time of barkskin to 30 seconds, but you can now only use it in cat form. No more bear form defense with it.

  2. Give bear form more bleeds for feral only and let the bleeds do at least 60% of the damage you would normally do in cat form. But the tradeoff is your cat bleeds will disappear when you go into bear form. So you don’t get double bleed damage. Again, this can be a talent option for those who want it.

Windwalker would like a word this patch.


only reason its feral and not ww is because feral has existed since the begining so we had longer to be treated poorly. but yea ww is the only other spec that gets treated as awful as feral. that and ret are my go to specs when i dont play feral so i dont spoil myself playing something that gets attention


We are at this point, courteous of the white knight ferals, that were telling the devs “we were fine and didn’t need anything and the player base just needs to learn to play”. As one poster stated, it feels like we are energy starved. You are partially correct in your feelings. The set bonuses allowed for free combo points so you could get to finishers faster. Well, now that the set bonuses are gone.

The other huge NERF, the change to Apex Predator’s Craving, when the white knights said was a buff… it wasn’t. Wowhead actually did the breakdown, at no point did the change for Apex Predator’s Craving help feral. Sure, they say one thing, but when you look at the numbers and spreadsheet break down, they are deliberately buffalo-ing. It was a nerf for multi-target and did absolutely nothing for single target.

The other issue, ferals, just like gardians, live with barrowed powers that change after every set. Instead of giving us real power, or buffs, the devs in their willful ignorance ( i will not give these devs the benefit of the doubt, as this has been the same buffalo-ing they have pulled on ferals since they separated the tank and melee dps into their own trees). It has been stated numerous times, ferals are essentially suffering from severe battered spouse syndrome. They took away our dps till we get a 4 piece set bonus, but hey guys, cool new forms (*Squirrel, SQUIRREL!!!). At least the devs didn’t break both our arms, only the left one…they really love us, surely they must. oof.

The sad fact is, until we get geared up, and have 5 man’s specifically designed to compensate for what we aren’t allowed to do dps wise, we are going back to the whole “eff feral, why bring a half rogue when I can have a real dps”… and even when we do get the 4 piece set, we are still going to be bottom of the barrel against the classes that have the same gear, skill, and IO levels. That is something even the white knights know is the truth.


im the 1 that said that and i know im correct. thats the defining design of feral is were rogues that are energy starved. i wouldnt say like guardian we are depended on borrowed powers so much as after wotlk feral has taken a nose dive and has never pulled up. we dont have a dev and if we somehow do they dont play guardian or feral because nobody who does would have left them in the state they have been in for as long as they have. bears never recovered from losing artifact weapons at the end of legion and feral is the red headed step child. every other druid spec has the exact same utility that feral does and or better while feral has to have things with “friction” for the sake of it. im pretty sure the majority of players that play feral are those of us that have been around since vanilla and bc cause i cant see a new person picking up this spec and enjoying working 2x as hard or in bms case 3x as hard to do the same damage or less. i will always say this regardless of how many people say this would cause a problem for others but feral needs lotp back. we need something to justify bringing a feral druid to groups outside of us playing with friends who dont care.


Same as every season, a worse rogue with less survival and less utility.


dont forget a worse self heal to. its so bad its hard to tell if i used it or not


Druid heals offspec are the worst ones in the game, period. Shaman isn’t great, but it’s noticeably better and let’s not even talk ret pally flash heals. Night and day.

My balance druid’s regrowth at best heals 10% hp per cast. It’s a waste of a cast time.


every other spec has better off heals compared to feral even boomies better

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50% better than garbage is still garbage. And feral gets an instant one every 5 cp’s whereas balance has the opportunity cost of casting a damage spell to heal themselves for nothing on top of having to be stationary.

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