What do you reckon the chances are Garrosh will rock up?

I mean… we saw our boy in the Revendreth Afterlife… think he’s too prideful to be saved? Or too wilful to broken?

5% maybe. It will be a bunch of warcraft references at best, I feel like shadowlands is the memberberries of warlords of draenor expansion, megapumped to a 1.21 gigawatt delorean


Jaina is there at the moment, I have feeling this will end with her getting payback for Theramore by making Garrosh spend eternity as an Orccicle.

At this point?

I’m expecting Renethal to go down to Garrosh’s cell and go, “Wait, why is this soul here? He was purged of his sins long ago…”

I can’t imagine they’ll put Garrosh into the setting and not use him, not when he’s such a popular and polarizing character. I fully expect that he’ll face off against Sylvanas, mouth off at her for what she did to the Horde, and then get the killing blow on her with one last B-word thrown in.

I feel, ultimately, any death in the shadowlands should be treated with some level of reverence. It’s the end of the line. There is no “happily ever after” or “learning to be better”. Not even an “eternal torment”.

You die in the shadowlands you die for realze.