What do you not use as a MW monk?

I’ve capped what I want to do on my Disc this week and am goofing around with MW. My question though is in M+: out of all the damaging abilities, which ones do you not use? Looks like we have:

  • Tiger Palm
  • Blackout Kick
  • Rising Sun Kick (I know this one is needed)
  • Crackling Jade Lightning
  • Spinning Crane Kick
  • Chi Burst

Using this build

Basically I’m trying to cut down on action bar cruft with stuff that’ll never be needed (e.g. BM hunt and Arcane Shot vs Serpent Sting, Arcane is never ever used.)

Other than Crackling Jade Lightning you use all those skills as a Mistweaver with the build you posted.

TP, RSK and BoK all have their damage converted to healing when Ancient Teachings is up.
SCK converts damage to healing while sitting in your Faeline.
TP also build stacks of Teachings of the Monastery.
Chi Burts is free AOE damage and healing.

You can use Help/Harm macros to save some Hot Bar space.

#showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help] Renewing Mist;[@target,harm] Blackout Kick;[] Renewing Mist

You can also combine Help/Harm macros with a modifie to include lesser used skills like CJL.

#showtooltip /cast [mod:shift] Crackling Jade Lightning; /cast [@mouseover,help] Enveloping Mist;[@target,harm] Rising Sun Kick;[] Enveloping Mist


Tyvm, just ran a heroic to give it a shot and holy moley there’s a lot going on with this spec lol. Disc feels like second-grade math comparatively.

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Haha yeah it can be a bit much at first. I find it easier that Disc though since even though there’s set up involved it’s not as bad as Disc Ramp windows IMO.

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You could probably drop chi burst (man I wish this spell was better because the cast animation is awesome) and crackling jade lightning (previously only used to pop explosives) and not miss them.


Ok cool thanks I’ll practice more. I just tried in a heroic where 0 healing is required so I’ll try in a low M+… I was doing more damage than even understanding how the healing spells work together.

You don’t use Crackling Jade Lightning, unless you’re popping explosive orbs (deprecated), or have an area of denial zone around the boss that you can’t enter, and the entire party is at full health, and you don’t have a renewing mist charge available.

Only then you can use Crackling Jade Lightning.

Well, NORMALLY I won’t use crackling jade lightning, but I do use it to pull in extra packs when the tank asks for more. Usually when we are pulling extra on top of a boss.

Since you’re using Ancient Teachings/ Faeline Stomp, I personally would recommend keeping Chi Burst readily available. It’s not a button used to heal or damage, but if you’re having trouble getting Faeline Stomp to reset you can stand in the Faeline and use Chi Burst aimed at enemies and players in an attempt to reset it.

Sometimes if I lay down my Faeline because adds were moved out my previous one but I feel like it will still be on CD if it doesn’t reset before the adds die, I’ll Chi Burst immediately to try to have it up for the next pack.

It’s a niche use, but I feel as though it’s an important spell for AT/FLS builds. However, you can also get away with not using it. Something for you to consider.

I really wish CJL had a purpose lol. It’s so cool. Honestly I kinda feel like the emperors jade capacitor would fit better as a MW talent. Or even a general tree talent.

Also the PvP ability it has with thunder focus tea should be in pve as well …

When I’m Fistweaving in Raids, I never push Renewing Mists. It’s a dead button.

Same with Zen Pulse, but I only have it because they swapped Healing Elixir and Zen Pulse nodes.

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What? Did you mean something else? ReM is your most important button in raids. Tied with Rising Sun Kick.



Casting and Hybrid, sure. Fistweaving, no.

Same as above, but has more value.
After TFT EF to heal and extend the HoT.
In cleave? Never.


Fistweaving, still yes. Your tier set is based around your renewing mists casts, boosting your healing on the recipient. You still cast vivify, which will cleave onto targets with ReM. It is still an incredibly key part of your rotation.

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The only time I would consider pressing ReM is if i know one of the Tanks are about to get beamed and I would prime them with it into Cocoon (Assuming it also increases Absorbs. I don’t know if this is the case).

The only time I press that button is when I’m doing Larodar.

I don’t take Invigorating Mists when I’m Fistweaving.

its a bit to get used to as it doesn’t play like a lot of the other “this is my fast heal, this is my slower mana efficient heal, these are my aoe heals, and these are my cooldowns that heal a lot”

But once you get the hang of it the spec is very comfy since everything in your kit interacts with itself in really good ways. I think its one of the best designed healers currently. A good mistweaver has so much control to pull people through things.

I don’t use CJL or Chi Burst. Both are completely useless.

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Absolutely untrue. Chi Burst is incredibly important for FLS. Almost mandatory for the reset it gives.

Chi Wave…Lol.


MW is like my off-off-spec so this is new information to me! :joy:

TIL. I always thought it was just a semi useless aoe heal …

Ok, completely useless in my off meta build. I’ll be honest, I didn’t look at OPs talents.