What do you Enjoy Most About Classic?


I just want to hear the things that yall enjoy the most about Classic WoW that may be lacking in Retail.


The focus is on the world itself and not you the character.

People actually communicate and help eachother out.


The motivation to fly to multiple zones to do quests because you don’t get enough xp to ding just farming herbs or killing a couple mobs


I’ve said this before but my favorite thing in Classic is the sense of space. Retail zone design is borderline claustrophobic with the amount of stuff they cram into a tiny space.

Give me a big open desert, or the grassy plains of Mulgore, or even the savannas of the Barrens.

Also drive-by buffs.


I’ve noticed this too. I actually enjoy the mindset of not being a hero.

I love how my server communicates.


Once I got used to it, I really like how each zone isn’t a neat 5 level contained space and has reasons to come back again and again. I first noticed it in Hillsbrad, where we had some lower 20’s stuff but then a bunch more in the early 30’s. After that we hit up 1k Needles until the Shimmering Flats was a bit too high. Then we went to Desolace, did some stuff there for a while and then came back in the late 30’s to do Mannoroc Coven. Now we’re alternating between Stranglethorn and Dustwallow and today we’ll probably start in Feralas and Tanaris.


To be honest, I’ve really been enjoying just exploring the world as it was before Cata. I’ve only level 16/17 on two different characters (one Alliance, one Horde) and been having fun just romping around, working on professions by gathering and crafting, helping other players out, doing some questing and really just hoofing it out and exploring where I can.

I’m in no rush to get to 60, there’s plenty to do with my character no matter their class level.


Talents are really fun again.

Also, I’m an adventurer and not some god being amongst mortals.


Not feeling like I have no choice but to hop on the daily treadmill.


Professions having some meaning…


People getting ostracized by the community and rendered unable to do anything for doing terrible and scummy things. And then watching them cry about how unfair it is.

  1. The pvp

  2. The community


Im always in group and found many friends to play together!!!


Tbh, I really like running everywhere which makes me notice the grass/flowers, the birds that fly over, where pools of specific fish are I can come back to later.
I find myself going into houses and around corners of mountains Ive rode past a 1000 times before and if I find a merchant standing in a room I never saw before I love it!
It makes me happy in little ways, that’s what I enjoy most about Classic.


Lack of flight is my favorite aspect of classic. Flight ruined world pvp in WoW and continued to make retail worse and worse over the years due to forcing devs to design around it. Now just babies who need EZ-mode are left defending flight.

(Nelthene) #16

RPG type combat instead of action. Not enjoying the twitch action much since my 20s.


My characters feel like they matter (again)


Original versions of zones (such as the Barrens, STV, Thousand Needles), slower leveling (meaning a more laid-back pace where you can actually enjoy the zone you are in), and Hunter pets having unique abilities (such as wind serpents having Lightning Breath).

Everything I prefer about Classic over retail is what Blizz took away after Wrath.


Shimmering flats is a nice hub that stretches over several levels. That Dwarf there is up to no good, sending you on errands to Ratchet, Booty Bay, and other places.


I loved it so much!

I know it’s just a big empty space with some turtles and scorpids but one of the things I was really looking forward as a Cata Baby was the Raceway.