What class should my wife play as her first class?


So, my wife is pretty much a brand new player to the game. We played a little bit in Legion and did a few mythic +'s and she was a resto shaman but she sucked so bad! We honestly never got to clear even a +8 key back then. So, I was wondering what class can she play this expansion that’s semi decent? She has a mage but she sucks really bad at her mage too (she likes playing arcane which apparently is so far behind this xpac)

I’m pretty much completely new to BFA content as well so I can’t really teach her any of the content or how to play virtually any of the classes since Blizz keeps changing them every xpac. I was considering maybe boomie since the rotation looks kinda easy on the internet so… which class should she play that can slowly teach her not to stand in fire…etc and can do half decent DPS? I don’t being a healer is really good for her to start with this time.

(Kéres) #2

Beast Mastery Hunter is probably the easiest, since they’re a ranged dps class with high mobility and a pretty simple rotation.

Really though, the best option would be for her to pick a class and learn it from the bottom up (it sounds like she boosted her first toon if you were doing M+ in Legion?). Level a tank along with her and do dungeons. Or alternatively, have her pick up a rotation addon (I recommend HeroRotation as the most straightforward) to give her a visual of what spell or skill she should be using at any given time.

(Soltinus) #3

There are several class/specs that are especially easy:

Havok Demon hunter-very easy, especially if you take the demon blades talent (and it’s recommended that you do). It’s also extremely mobile, so you’ve got lots of tools for getting out of the fire.

Frost Death knight: very simple rotation that basically amounts to reacting to procs.

Enhancement shaman: not only simple, but surprisingly fun to play! also has a lot of self-healing that makes it very survivable.

Hunter: none of the hunter specs are especially demanding to play, and having a pet helps with beginner survivability. Marksmanship is probably the most complex, but that isn’t saying a lot. I highly recommend survival-it’s simple, fun, and satisfying to play.

Destruction warlock: Super-duper simple, and the pet and class talents make it probably the toughest cloth-wearing class to kill. If your wife likes casters, this might be the one for her.

Outlaw rogue: I find this spec simple and very, very fun.

These are the ones I’ve actually played-there may be others!