What can they do to ease motion sickness?

What are someways they can do to ease motion sickness when this is a possible huge health issue?

Try to play zoomed out if possible, with slower camera follow speed.


There really not much anyone can do about it. I would say take more breaks.

That’s why I hope there’s a lot of depth to the next expansion, because if they focus too much on the dragon riding aspect there’s a whole group of people who aren’t going to enjoy the physical effects when previously they could work around most of it.

Play in a well lit room so your eyes aren’t focusing only on the screen movement.

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I googled it





Try to sit farther back from your monitor. Try to not use a huge monitor or one that’s too small (be Goldilocks and get it juuuuust right). Make sure you are in a well-lit environment with an additional light source opposite your screen. One tip I can give you is you’re unsure at first, try easing into playing a few minutes at a time first to see how you react, have a break then gradually increase your play time after each subsequent break.

Get your game configured with accessibility options if you haven’t.

Zooming out to max camera distance can also help you. LeatrixPlus is a very customizable quality of life addon with many handy features, including the ability to set the max camera distance. You can also turn off mech mount sounds if you’re sensitive to noises, automate quests, auto repair when speaking to a vendor and lots of other options.

If you like to run instances, there are a couple of vendors you should be aware of with elixirs that will help stabilize problem areas inside the Grimrail Depot instance and Maw of Souls.

And now for the part I am actually skilled at - dealing with nausea. Some people like to wear acupressure wrist bands. You can easily get a pair for about $8-$10 at your local WalMart, about the same on Amazon (if you have Prime with no shipping costs) and maybe a couple dollars more at a drugstore.

Ginger tea or just ginger root (you can nibble on it) may help you, it does not help me personally. I keep a small roll on bottle of Peppermint oil in my bag and take the lid off to smell it (I know it sounds weird but the scent helps). You could also take an antihistamine like Benadryl (name brand) and while the drowsy version is supposed to be better for motion sickness, I have good results with non-drowsy Meclizine 25mg. Just remember that Diphenhydramine (also comes in a 25mg dose) is the one that will make you drowsy and no, you do not have to get name brand as long as the active ingredient is the one you want. Matter of fact, the Meclizine I take is also at WalMart in the over the counter meds section, 8 pills for under $1.50.

If you are actually throwing up, clear liquids are gonna be best. 7 UP (not Sprite) or some ginger ale are both good and absolutely kill the carbonation as much as you can before you drink those. Flat is good with those. If you’re having trouble keeping those down, try an electrolyte drink because you definitely want to avoid dehydration - Gatorade, Powerade, even Pedialyte.

And the last part, food. Most people like to try saltine crackers and those are fine as long you keep them down. The BART diet is best if you’re having trouble keeping foods down though - Bananas, Applesauce, Rice (plain) and Toast (dry, plain).

Remember to take care of yourself and know your limits. Take your breaks, stay hydrated, listen to your body and hopefully have fun. Good luck!

Also sorry about the prices and stores if you aren’t American.


You could close your eyes?

It happens to me sometimes and there’s not much you can do about it. Like others have said, don’t play zoomed out as far, don’t be too close to your monitor, and take breaks. I also find that staying adequately hydrated and always having water nearby helps to prevent it. Also make sure you’re getting your eyes checked frequently because sometimes your glasses/contact prescription not being correct can be making it worse.