What can I do at level 102?

Hi, I’m picking an old toon which was my main during Pandaria, and I abandoned at lvl 102, but I can’t figure out what to do with him since Legion quests are outdated i guess, and nothing shows up in the Adventure Guide (shift+J)

Is there any BfA content available at this level? any recommendations?

Legion quests aren’t outdated at 102 - that’s your correct content. BfA is 110+.

Go to your class hall and get your zone quests there. Everything in Legion starts in there.


Legion content is how you get from 100-110. Then at 110 you can do the intro bfa quest

If you haven’t actually started the Legion questline and been to new Dalaraan yet, you should be able to pick up the initial breadcrumb in your capital (Stormwind/Ogg).

Once in Dal, a messenger will run up to you after a few seconds with the quest that starts you on your way to getting an artifact weapon, opening up your order hall, etc. The four zone questlines will open up from breadcrumbs offered on a scouting map in your order hall.

Is there a requirement to do the artifact questline before you can queue for legion dungeons? (I’ve forgotten what content is locked until you do that)

Enjoy Legion content as much as you can. It was better in every way.


Do the invasions. Do Surimar.

Ohh thanks, I thought that since the artifact was removed it wasn’t necessary/useful to do the Legion campaign. What’s the best zone to pick in the map first?

Yea. Level to 103.


Try to be more helpful.

I think that is purely up to you, I chose Azsuna because I liked the story there the most.


Do you have professions? There’s herbs everywhere but I got the most leveling from Azsuna and Valawut. More ore in HiMt and the other place. I don’t do names.

Dig wherever there’s an archaeology circle. Fish and cook them up.

Have fun!

Archaeology sounds fun, i’ve always wanted to level it but never found the right moment. It might be now.

Legion is exactly where you should be at that level range and BFA will eat you alive. Stick to Legion, it is still your best option even if the content is dated.