What are some fun classes for bgs?

Returning to WoW and looking to do some casual pvp! What are some classes that perform decently in pvp?

all of them


warriors and hunters even rogue too but its whatever you classify as fun we cant tell you what’s fun or not fun

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this 100

i love playing them all!

they all do their own neat little unique thing.

Try not to do the flavour-of-the-month thing or you’ll just be left feeling frustrated and always re-rolling. Just pick whatever you think looks cool.

If you’re not sure where you stand or what to do…I say rogue. They are always useful even if they’re undergeared.

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Hunter is casual pvp gold.

Ranged (or melee if sv), camo (if talented), can choose fights, and at least one spec is always good. MM has owned casual bgs forever it seems.


This is going to be a very controversial suggestion. But i would hazard to say protection paladin! Specced and built right its a force to be reckoned with and hella fun.

Marksmanship Hunter has always been extra effective against battleground players.

Ele, Havoc, Boomy, All Hunter specs imoooooooooo

The frost mage is my personal favorite

The fact that I can be as annoying as possible and keep and entire team slowed and frozen makes me feel good

MM hunter, nothing is better than getting two aimed shot crits back to back for 45k

Whichever class you find enjoyable. Random bg players will ignore you if you’re ranged and won’t cc you if you’re melee effectively letting you run over everyone if you’re competent enough.

ele shaman is baller right now.

lots to do, lots of outplay potential, and shedloads of burst damage that is not reliant on a 2-3min CD

Ele showcase:

Also, for all classes, look at Para on youtube, he is a random BG player that does all specs. So, really good to watch to get an idea of what it would be like to play each of them:


I’d suggest playing the gear class. Definitely the most fun.

Only hunters, aff locks and boomkins. Every other class is absolutely No fun at all

END GAME: GEAR GEAR GEAR, then things become a little more spread out.

At the end of the day, GEAR is king. Sucks but it’s true. If you dont want to grind for gear then end game may not be for you.

Leveling Battlegrounds can be a blast but you must keep in mind that Damage is OUT OF CONTROL; the health pool size is way to small for the amount of damage that can be done. There’s a lot of one shotting going around or stacked healers but overall pretty fun. The added perk to playing through the leveling battlegrounds is gear is very easy to come by and if you can afford the full heirloom set (maxed out) you can pick up your off pieces from boxes, PvP vendors and the AH.

Dragon Flight is right around the corner, I would suggest if you aren’t being helped by friends or guild mates for end game progression, that you find what feels good to you and enjoy yourself. Don’t burn yourself out when there’s going to be TONS of new stuff to do when new xpac launches.

Hope that helps. Have Fun!

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