What "Alliance High Elves" keep forgetting

Not really what I’m saying now, is it? I’m saying that even if they are “the same race” that race isn’t called “High Elves”. Especially considering (from the same source) that Blizzard said Blood Elves do not consider themselves High Elves anymore. If it is that mutable, then the base race is definitely not “High Elf”.

Actually, the race is ‘elf’ ‘high elf’ is jsut a name they gave themselves like ‘blood elf’. All elves are the same race, ren’dorei, sin’dorei, kal’dorei, shal’dorei, fal’dorei, quel’dorei. All elves.

‘high elf’ is not a race, its the name of a group of elves which blood elves and void elves are no longer part of.


It’s going to be hilarious if they don’t give the Alliance blonde hair for no reason.

The skin tones alone are enough, really. If trading away light hair colors is all it takes to not have to live amongst the dirt, smog, and spikes of the Horde, that seems like a pretty good deal.

I’d actually be surprised if they didn’t also give velves some hair love.

I doubt they’ll make them carbon copies of blood elves, but I’d expect them to get a couple of hairstyles and blonde/brown hair at least.

There will be more customization options when the actual game launches. We’re still in Alpha. Void elves will likely get blonde hair options.

Why would Void/high elves want a half-ruined city, a ghost town that nobody visits?

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The race is still High Elf. We didn’t rename it to something else.

Just because a person doesn’t consider themselves Human doesn’t make them not biologically Human. That’s not really a choice you get to make.

Granted yes most players might think of High Elf and Blood Elf as being specific group, but they’re still all biologically High Elves.

High Elf absolutely is a race according to Blizzard.

I mean, if you go in game, the race tag on certain NPCs says “High Elf”. Because they’re High Elves. Just like Blood Elves have “Blood Elf” as their race tag.

But when Blizzard refers to the people as a whole, they use “Elf”. Not “High Elf” or “Blood Elf”. Simply Elf. Because that is the base of what they are.


No, the race is ‘elf’
the difference between ‘high elf’ and ‘blood elf’ is similar to the difference between ‘kul’tiran humans’ and ‘stormwind humans’

The race is simply ‘elf’. High elves are a group of elves. As are Blood elves.

What things are listed as in the game’s code isn’t all that relevant to the actual written lore.

Also in a biological sense Elf would be closer to the Genus. A Night Elf is not the same thing as a Blood Elf. They might be related, but they’re not physiologically identical.

The groups calling themselves High Elf and Blood Elf however, are.

And the actual written lore doesn’t say that the base group is called “High Elf”.

Still not high elves, either of the playable elves on both factions

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It’s one of the death knight hair colors being made available to all. Void Elves don’t actually have that shade of blue.

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High Elf is what the species was and the lore says that Blood Elves aren’t physiologically any different from them.

Otherwise the species apparently just doesn’t have a name, because it certainly isn’t just “elf”.

She doesn’t though. She identifies herself as ren’dorei when you make your void elf character. The new novel also tags her race as “void elf”.

Void Elves = Blood Elves = High Elves.

You guys really are desperate to just get a one up. No one care, Alliance got what they wanted, get over it.

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Oh dear, so many angry face behind happy mask memes today.

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Exactly lol


Nope. Elf is the species. And it certainly is just elf.