WG Zone NPC's Missing and VoA access unavailable

I could not find any other posts about this, but since around 11/23 I have been unable to turn in Wintergrasp dailies as the alliance NPC’s on Pagle do not appear to be active at either the camp or within the keep. Portal access to VoA also appears to be missing, have checked this 4 or so times after various Wintergrasp times, have joined and lost/won WG 2 separate times and still no access.

Only other time I saw was horde faction showing present in the keep, but no Alliance NPC’s anywhere to turn in quests.

Anyone else having this same issue, or know any workaround (like layer hopping). honestly bewlidered this doesn’t appear to have been reported or noted by anyone else, even saw many others camping out and then hearthing giving up.

Had a guildie invite me, this did not appear to layer hop me, as I think we were in the same layer. However once I left group the NPC’s did in fact show up. Still very strange. So at this time seems to be fixed, though feels like there is potentially some bug still there.

Also frequently locks out the 1m/4am games WG time on my server pretty consistently even though I personally won games.