We've grown, imagine that!

Remnant of the Fallen has grown quite a bit recently and we’re still looking for more!

We’ve dipped our toes in a couple M+ and it has whetted our appetite for more! So, we’re looking to build a small raid team! Time and Date TBD but all classes and specs are welcome to join us! Beginners also welcome for sure!

We’re still a nice quiet, chill place and always friendly to new/returning players! I hope to see some of you in the near future! :slight_smile:


We’re still around, but we’ve taken quite a hit since SL dropped. We are looking for all active players! Day, night, and inbetween!

We plan to raid Sat/Mon starting at 9 server!


I’ve been on a journey searching for a new realm to call home. Mine has become way too populated with unsavory types and the bots are getting way outta hand. I play to escape even if it’s only for a few hours a few times a week.

It’s nice to see that some of you are still trying to grow and not stuck in some never-ending how it used to be thread.

I’ve really been enjoying my short time here on Earthen Ring and want to commend you and your guild for taking a different approach to try and draw people like me here.


For the Alliance!

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Thanks! Come and see us sometime, we’d love to have you!

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Man, I thought you meant the server and I got excited. Still excited – good to you, Corvaliini. Grats on the guild growth. :beers:

We’re trying! We took such a hard hit at the beginning of Shadowlands though. Oh well, some day ER will be awesome-er! (we’re already pretty awesome)