We've been together so long. A goodbye is in order

I’ve played this game for almost 12 years, idolized the team, wanted to join the team so bad, but now as I’m older I have come to the unfortune realization that the Activision CEOs have killed this game and the company itself. I would binge this game for 16-24 hours a day sometimes… I cried so many tears to so many cutscenes, I have gone through every emotion with this game, and for the longest this game and its beauty had me so awestruck i refused to see any of its downfalls. I LOVE THIS GAME, before BFA. It has been a very long run on this game, and on Aggramar. 12 years, almost a whole 2 years of played time across all my toons. Not even including deleted ones. This game was my life, I’m going to miss it, I’m crying as i write this. I just had to say goodbye, I’ll miss you Blizzard.

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