Westfall Official Discord Server

Greetings everyone! I started playing when BC was released, playing classic as a Holy/Prot pally named Thorn with my gf who is playing a mage named Davina. I was curious if anyone has made an official discord server for this realm. I would offer to but I don’t have any experience with making large community servers.


Hi Thorn and Davina,

My name is Skys in game, not sure how to change it here on these forums.

I found this Westfall discord, discord (dot) gg/MvzVUyS when the server first came online. If there’s a better one let me know plz!


That is the same discord server I found. I am not aware of any others. However, there is a facebook group as well, but only a handful of us in it so far. facebook DOT com/groups/654460385047535/


Click on your icon in the upper right of the screen, and at the bottom of your recent posts list, select “change character”

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Sweet! It worked.

Greeting, I have made a discord for Westfall Classic server for both Horde and Alliance. ~tKphwv4~ here’s the last part of the link since blizzard has a restriction of link posting.

FYI: You can post the full url by using preformatted text. Highlight the url and click the button in the chat window that looks like </>

It won’t be clickable, but it’ll be easier to copy/paste.


The community on Discord seems great so far.

I tried the link today and it says the invite has expired.

discord dot gg/fFETmks

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Thank you.

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Giving this a bump to bring in more victims… I mean friends for me to chat with. Here is a link for the Westfall Discord: discord.gg/4CWSrJZ