Westfall is not Texas

I noticed thing a lot of people pretending that Westfall is Texas or some other southern allegory.

I regret to tell you that Westfall at its peak is Kansas, at its worst it is Oklahoma.

The amount of Texas mindset, culture, temperament, and influence is null.

Redridge is Texas, clearly.


Duskwood as New York confirmed

It’s every flyover state ever. That’s why it’s full of dead agriculture and crippling poverty. Also, I guess it’s vaugely cowboy-ish.

I never gave Westfall much thought. Nothing about it screamed Texas in particular. If I had to assign it a vibe, I would have said generally the area of the US West of the Mississippi up to California, a century or so ago.

It’s more like Green Acres gone to seed with a horse possessed of a greater intellect (and apparantly a malicious one considering where Blanchy ended up) than most of the human inhabitants.

Westfall is the dustbowl. So name your agriculture state in the central portions of the US during the dustbowl.

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No Westfall is Florida. I mean the questline from Cata is just CSI:Miami WoW edition.


I always thought of Westfall more like a combination of between Kansas and central California in terms of appearance.

I’m not sure why but that quest chain annoyed me more than any other part Cata questing.

Whenever I think about how horrendously tainted cata questing is with forced pop culture references I get sad.


Go Westfall Young Man.

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Clearly Zaralek Caverns are Texas. Why else can you get a hat like this:

On a side note the lack of any Chicago styled city not exisiting bedevils me. Mostly I think a Chicago themed Chicago could appear in the Fallout series because c’mon we’ve the music creds;

But c’mon. No spooky crime city of towers anywhere on the great lakes of Lordaeron? Well there’s always the illusive northern Lordaeron to hope for I guess.

wow peaked with vanilla/classic westfall and deadmines

after that its all downhill literally into duskwood, swamps, endgame pvp esports and raidcraft