Werebear Racial Form (yes another bump)

Werebear Racial forms guys. Old bear model is lame. It’s all about being a towering werebear now. Think of how sick all of them would look.


Gimme a that Kul Tiran Leshen Werebear anyday

Would definitely like to see this happen. Even if they wanted to make an extra item for crafting purposes like a glyph so you could “technically” keep your original forms but if you wanted an alternate werebear version you’d use the glyph. Good for Druids and good for crafting in WoW economy. It’s a Win Win!

I noticed in the Barber shop that all forms are available to view but if you haven’t collected one it’s locked. I wonder if the devs will add a quest or some other way collect the legion skins for those who did / could not collect when they were available in legion. I hope they do but maybe not a mage tower, maybe delves in War Within…

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AFAIK, aside from the mage tower ones; the Legion forms can still be unlocked.

If it weren’t for the ones that can’t be I’d probably be a completionist and go back and try to get them all. But knowing I’ll never have them ‘all’ takes the pressure and incentive off.

If you didnt get the first skin of the might of the grizzlemaw then you can’t ever get them unless blizzard unlocks it again. You can get all the rest but those are locked if you didn’t get the first of that tier.

so sad some of you didn’t do the legion challenge
i feel for you guys
no nice fat white bear for you

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No mage tower looks aren’t coming back there said this

No fat white bear for me, but what I do have is one that looks like something out of disney with a HUGE ***

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finally got the fel one today, took about 6 hours of non stop attempts, but finally did it in the end, sort of… I died while the last guy had 1k health left, the npc’s finished him off for me though :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, i am not very good and guardian, haha.

I kept failing the mage tower challenge and ironically i managed to finish it when i stopped playing as a tank and start being on the offensive by holding out phasing until there were 4 light orbs on the field. Then when second boss appeared i unleashed everything unleash-able (claw, incarnation, battle pot, drums, even that yellow paw shapped skill at the end of the druid tree). And using the 4 orbs to keep him stunlocked, he died before the stun of the last orb went off.

If Blizz is never planing to make a return of the original werebear tints. Imo they shouldn’t even allow those that don’t have them to be able to preview them on the barbershop, seems a bit too cruel, its basically like if they were saying: “hey, do you see these awesome tints for the werebear?, They are nice uh?, do you like them?, WELL TOO BAD BECAUSE TOU ARE NEVER GETTING THEM”

We need to be crying out for a werecat form at this point. Feral needs in on this too.

…Claws of Shirvallah? they really need to bring this back

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Would be dope if worgen could use their actual werewolf form as their feral form.

Dope… as the kids don’t say these days.

Something better than Claws of Shirvallah, with a newer model and a less awkward looking stance.

Why wouldn’t it just be a barber shop thing like every other form skin is?

Why not a mage tower? That’s where they originally came from.