We're past week one. Give us RDF NOW

3/10 that’s the best I can do

Reported for saying “balls” and assuming my gender :^)

lets not be hasty here. Blizz can change whatever they want that makes better sense to their pillars of classic. But i do agree that they are doubling down on their LFG Tool. I’d rather players scream more about improving that tool than asking for RDF really.

EDIT: It works… but like barely and it really should be the retail group finder (the true endgame tool and not RDF)

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More misinformation, Blizzard never said it will not be coming, ever, just that is will not be in the game right now.

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China was still on BC until a few months before cata launched in the west.

funny, since you’re paying for retail and retail has LFD in it.


Fine, I’ll clarify: there’s no plans for its return.


Thanks for linking that post Hex, it’s great to know we get to enjoy WotLK without RDF.

Except Wrath had RDF, I want the true Wrath experience the way it was when I played it, which includes RDF.

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Funny, I must have missed that when I started my subscription. Let me go check my receipt …

Hmm, my purchase didn’t have a “No RDF” line item, was that a part of the super secret collector’s edition?


→ Joy

There is no Joy without RDF.

Excluded China on that graph, of course because it is not Blizzard direct subscription but a 3rd party that handles it.

Press I → Create Group → List Group → Invite players who fit your criteria → clear content → profit.

:slight_smile: Plenty of joy friend. We’re not getting RDF and blizzard already confirmed it’s not up for discussion.

I’m still having fun (and joy) in Wrath Classic.

Just like that never had plans to release WoW Classic and we all see where that went…

Nope. ~12.5mm players was the total global subscriber number. Try again.

You’re right, things can change.

But for now, they said no, and the game still seems to be doing fine without it. People are still finding groups with the current LFG tool.

Such a troll.

That sounds like a funeral. “I’m still having”.

You would’ve having a blast if you were having fun and had RDF to begin with.

Just like they also never had plans to let people from SoM to copy their character to Wrath Classic and let our classic be tainted by scarab lords that didn’t farm carapaces at all.

I’m not taking you up on your words, you better come here with sources other than “trust me bro”.

Posting on this “rdf” forum troll account must be a thrilling use of your time

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How so? Because we would have saved maybe a minute or so by not going to the summoning stone?

…you’re right, I’m uninstalling the game as we speak.

That is the response when asked to provide the source for this:


People like living in a lie.


Excerpts from ATVI Q3 2010 press release:

Other highlights are as follows:

  • On August 31, Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase.com Inc. launched World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King™ the second expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning subscription-based MMORPG, in mainland China.
  • On October 4, Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the highly anticipated third expansion for the world’s most popular subscription-based MMORPG, will be released on December 7.
  • On October 7, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the subscriber base for World of Warcraft has exceeded 12 million players worldwide.


You can stop trolling now.