We're not making enough noise about layering

I know what they’ve stated and I’ve observed how fast players are leveling in beta. 4 weeks will be plenty of time for dedicated players to hit max level and start farming layered content.

Classic is just as addicting as Vanilla and people are underestimating how successful it will be.

Edit: 3 weeks to hit max level is overly ambitious.

Trust me, those 5 60s aren’t going to have enough competition to even have any rational reason for trying to abuse layers.

Also, BETA. FFS give Blizzard time to address it.

Exactly, and I’m providing feedback on a system that has lots of potential for failure under the current implementation. Hopefully Blizzard will see the concern presented by the community and shorten layering within Phase I.

I don’t want to see content rushed out just to prevent layering abuse. It’s great that they’re trying to address it with an internal CD, but players will find a way around it - they always do.

Their plan is for it to only be around through that initial rush, and then back off when it’s a safe choice to do so. Nobody ever said it’s going to last all the way to phase 2, that was just their worst case scenario.

Their plan is for it to be very short-lived.

I am certain layering will go down as one of the most sinister things ever perpetrated in the history of mankind.

Shorten layering within Phase 1? I want them to remove it from Phase 1.


Care to explain how you think launch will proceed without layering? Genuinely curious.

Not very pretty, long log-in queues. But people will get over it, just like they did before. It’s better to wait to play the pure game rather than give in to instant gratification and play a sharded nonsense version.


Same thing can be said about layering.

Layering is bad for the game. Log in queues go away. Layering is there the whole time you’re playing.


I guess you missed the memo it was a temporary measure til server populations stabilize?

People are also missing the fact that this is a new system that they are still improving upon. This is a beta, so don’t take what is currently being experienced as what we are going to see when the game releases. Those in the beta are giving their feedback on the system and its flaws, what comes of that isn’t up to us. And those arguing against sharding aren’t putting enough weight in the argument that this is being done not just to give us a more smooth launch experience but to give us healthy server populations after the tourist and “ill give it a try” crowd disappears. If they just gave us vanilla style servers with a max cap of 3000 players. Queue times would be through the roof and the amount of servers needed at launch would cause us to be left with tons of dead servers once launch hype dies down and the tourist leave. Id rather deal with a less then optimal launch situation then being stuck in a low pop server where I can’t find groups 3 months into the game because I just happened to choose a server where a bunch of people decided to leave.

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I’m aware. I mean the entire time you’re playing the game as in the total duration of a sitting of playing. But even still I wouldn’t put it past them to use layering for all of Classic especially after they went from just the starting zones to all of Phase 1 already.

So you got your pants in a bind over a “what if”?

No, I don’t want layering in Phase 1 either.


Are we talking about the Heart of Azeroth and Azerite Gear? Or terrible classes? Or the GCD mess that is still plaguing the feel of combat? Or scaling and how it’s turned leveling in the game into abject misery? Or the missing CoT and Kara portals?

I mean where would anyone get the idea that they need to shout to the heavens because Blizzard is only in Beta…


This proves to me that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Good day, sir.

I see 3 threads on the FP and a smattering of mentions in others complaining about the beta or lack thereof. I feel like that’s enough…

This isn’t a thread about Beta access, it’s about layering

Language could have been better… I meant there were 3 threads dedicated to Layering QQ on the FP in addition to it being mentioned in the plethora of other Beta Complaining threads.

Seemed like enough noise to me.