We're not making enough noise about layering

I don’t have any friends to bring in from BFA, haven’t had friends that play WoW in a long time other than my girlfriend. I’m excited TO make friends and join a guild. I can’t wait to be part of the social experience that was vanilla all over again because it’s been so long. I will take great joy in leveling professions and supplying a guild with free and cheap extra mats or items. I’m very profession-focused, so the economy has always been my biggest concern with layering.

However, unsolicited whispers and party invites are another factor that are going to become the norm with layers. We’re all expecting the occasional ‘hey can you sign my guild charter?’ type communication, but now we’re going to get ‘hey random newbie, can I party up with you to layer hop?’ from strangers miles away. Or worse, just party invites, no whispers at all. And if you’re in a guild, definitely expect people to be asking for this sort of thing in guild chat.

Players need to man up and deal with ganking on their own time, and not bother their guild mates for this sort of thing, or as mentioned, complete strangers. But if it becomes a social norm to ask for layer hops, I will be obliged to give them. Because I will want them, too. How else can I compete? Not by being the only one not doing it because it’s the honorable thing to do.

It was asked how we feel about laying stopping at level 20 - firstly, they’ve made no indication that’s an option. Afterall, why would they need continent wide layer tech just for level 20 and under? But all the same, isn’t also normal for slightly high leveled players in other faction from adjacent zones to swoop in and be an annoyance for a while? If cap things by level, Redridge and the Crossroads will feel too safe. Stopping layering at a particular level is going to impact the experience just as much, so I can’t be satisfied with it as a solution, either.

You’re not thinking it through.

WTS layer invite 1g

Think of the profits.


It’s exactly the same as layering in terms of server population control. It’s still in place in those 1-20 zones so during that first few days/week when everyone is low level it’s literally exactly the same going over the realms player cap. This would work extremely well since everyone is starting at level 1 so by the time lots of people are leaving the 20 zones people will be so paced out that they should all fit in a single layer for the 20-60 zones. Remember that cities would be in this 1-20 zone filter and that Blizzard wants to remove layering within a few weeks anyway so this system would be perfect to get rid of all the exploits/pvp issues and help all congestion and server problems.

You’re also very dedicated to comment vigorously on each of these threads pointing out how many of them there are, while writing just as many similar comments yourself about the same issue over and over again.

I’ll give you that it’s quite funny to see you very swiftly putting your comment in very early on, so that the fact that this is a reoccurring issue doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone looking in the comments. :grin:


Except you can easily layer hop just by having people on different layers invite you. This allows people with brains to double/triple/ect down on rare spawns and resources. It also allows you to easily avoid PvP.

As a guy that only plays on PvP servers layering is a total deal breaker. If I wanna shrine camp the guy until he logs… then by all means let me do it. Don’t let the guy just get an invite from a guildy on another layer and disappear the moment he’s out of combat. Or call in multiple friends from other layers and have them just SHOW UP for no logical reason.

It’s going to ruin PvP servers. That alone makes it a no go for me.


You guys do realize that a lot of the characters phasing in and out was intentional on Blizzard’s part as a way to increase server load?


Was the layerhopping (both unintentionally and intentionally), to get rare items/mobs & avoid/overpower PVP, intentional on Blizzard’s part as well?


yeah im not sure how its “vanilla wow” when its 1.12 with cross realm layering. lol

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Does the quote say that? Did I say that?

Would you prefer grouping up and killing the same boar for a couple hours? That is legit how I leveled on Northdale with 12k launch population in the starting zone to level 5.

No, I’m asking you a question because of what you said, feel free to answer it.

I don’t care either way. I just dislike misappropriation of cause. Some of the problems people had won’t be present because they were a derivative action outside of what is planned. I dislike hyperbole and I wanted to advise people who may not have known.

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I think I did a good job of outlining why it’s difficult to impossible for them to actually fix it in my post without seriously changing or damaging it. If you think layering isn’t a big deal how can you defend all of it’s obvious and numerous flaws?


Point of order, if it’s a large majority, then you wouldn’t by definiton be being quiet about it. Real ID was an example of a large majority

It’s temporary.

I’d say the large majority of people were against the changes they’ve made to PvP vendors and class pruning but they didn’t listen at the time eiher.

It’s temporary.

Actually I could easily see them keeping it for more than Phase 1. They already budged on their original position of just the starting zones. What happens when the servers are way more populated then they expect at the end of Phase 1? I don’t see them forcing people to server transfer or anything when they could just keep layering. It allows servers to take in way more people than is natural and when they remove it they will have to deal with those consequences.


Then you can kick up a stink at that time, you’ll even have those of us who are okay with it as long as it’s temporary joining you, what you don’t want to do is alienate those people by insulting them in some way, because then they wont help you out of spite
and when i say kick up a stink i mean a big stink like Real ID fiasco of a stink get twitter/reddit everybody involved make sure they know that you don’t want this. you have to make it a PR nightmare.
( i’m using you in a general sense here)

So you don’t know how layering works.

You mean the army of faceless ghosts you’ll never meet again because of the constant layer hopping that’s going to happen from grouping and relogs?

Such a great community building model.


IDK how nuclear weapons work, I guess if i argued against everyone stockpiling and arming even 3rd world nations with them that im just not qualified enough to speak on it.