Went 5-1 and gained 0 points and the one I lost was MC DC

MMR is imaginary at 0 cr

I think that it has a degree of validity in the context of the weighting of initial games. Like, somebody who doesn’t play much who does well early will climb higher than somebody who bungles their first few games, or gets a sketchy lobby.

However, they have reasonable opportunity to climb provided a reasonable amount of games played.

That’s just noise.

go 3-3… get 0 rating

go 2-4… minus 60

UWU XD epic gaming

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yah something is up with MMR in solo shuffle. no way should a match ever give you ZERO points ever. its stupid

If theres nothing wrong with solo queue then why did blizzard make a bluepost about the fact theyre trying to fix and improve it?

If it was fine they wouldnt have needed to comment on it.

theyre showing mmr so players understand why they’re getting 0 points, not fixing the system because players are getting 0 points

You forgot this part.

They’ve admitted that solo shuffle for healers isnt fun, thus they are looking to improve/fix the issue.

unrelated to mmr, queue incentives =/= giving healers free rating

Okay but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’ve openly admitted something is not right with solo shuffle.

if there was nothing wrong with it they wouldn’t have had to make a blue post about it.

that problem is not bad players being stuck at a rating where they cannot win more than they lose

No but it is a problem when you win games and your rating doesn’t move.

If everything was fine and dandy they wouldn’t have to:

Not sure if any skill gain on my part would stop that healer running straight at the other team right out the gate and boom dead.

not an mmr problem, climbing is easy if you’re better than your average lobby. incentives = things like priority tokens, gold, cosmetics and whatever else blizz usually does for pvp rewards

deep thoughts

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ELO and this whole rating system is an outdated concept that needs to go away.

It’s not 2004 anymore.

your reply is just noise.

A healer with zero rating should be considered a 0 rating mmr, let them roll some 900 rated people before sticking them in with people trying to improve themselves; except when a healer is a keyboard turner vs someone with two hands and a brain, the match design dictates that the dps will go 3-3, and the healer that isn’t disabled will go 6-0.

I won 3 solo shuffles in a row last night on my rogue and got zero rating for those wins. Then i did a 4th rss and got my butt kicked…lost 65 rating…WTF. Meanwhile i swap back to my lock and que up and win one and jump 200 rating I dont get it

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Zero mmr doesn’t really exist.

What, at 1400 mmr?

I hear you, same-same here, and in general a full SS run is a decent time commitment (cue time plus 6 rounds), then as reward for “winning” the majority of your rounds you get…nothing! It’s just not a good PVP mode right now in my opinion.

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That’s the goal/dream after I git gud.