Welp, Skyfury is dead

People said the same thing about Incendius… “lol nobody is going to leave dude”

Then 7,000 horde left in a single 24 hour period and well… that was that.


I think most ppl just want there to be some semblance of balance, which is why imo Blizz should implement a ‘faction balance range’, maybe to a max of 45-55. When you’re on a server that is 20-80, and you are in the 20, and you have a 2 hr queue on top of that… guess what’s gonna happen when they open up transfers.


Nah I blame Blizzard for lacking the foresight that a 4th grader would have. That they didn’t think this would happen a 3rd, 4th or even 5th time is beyond pathetic and the idiots in charge of server health and what not (if there even is such a person) need to be let go.


This is also a good option imo, instead of the usual ‘open up transfers to mega servers’.

On blizzard or not, if they want to hard server caps as part of their game design then that is their decision. Even if they used a cop out excuse like server limitations.

The truth is, several thousands of people flocked to a server clearly labeled as “full” and now are surprised when there is a queue.

Oh, also if you ask anyone on these servers, all 20,000 players have been there since day one :grin:


YOU check the threads…specifically this one

Don’t get me wrong, Blizzard’s handling of this server queue issue has been laughable at best. But I think it’s safe to assume that queues improving currently is only a temporary reprieve.

Once WOTLK launches, this problem is getting turned up to 11.


Why? It’s not serving just NA. It’s serving Australia, New Zealand, Asian countries outside China/Japan/Korea, South America, Central America and North America. West Coast is the closest to central ping wise for the OCX players.

Really blizzard…

Yeah, i read that, but having access to multitudes of perspectives and information I am inclined to believe that the current classic dev team has does everything in their power maximize server performance and max player cap on realms.

I go by occams razor on this issue. The devs are not banding together to lie about server s reaching their limitations. The simplest and easiest solutions is that the servers are full on players need to bite the bullet and take free xfers.

Come on man, leave the Blanch outta this one! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

well you are wrong…the tech is out there blizzard just wont spend money.

Rip angerforge fresh. 3 day lifespan


can you provide any of this information?

This is just such a bummer… Skyfury was shaping up to be incredible… we knew there was a ton of tourists just checking it out that were all gonna quit once asmon did…

This just decimated skyfury so hard… Fs in the chat


exactly, the SA optic cable lands on the west coast, so the whole of LA has like 30ms less ping to that zone.

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Listen I’m just an intern, but I believe the devs over other server engineers that have made these claims.

You cant just replace the current server technology that wow is built on. Even if they did it would take months to optimize and fix performance issues with new server infrastructure.

Yep, we both know what this leads to.

Sad day.

agreed… BUT as it was WOTLK launch was going to be an absolute nightmare. But yeah, this might be the end of the server in the medium term.

Asmon alone made the queue from non existent to 3-4k… the second DF comes out and he quits the queue is basically gone…

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