Well pod tender haters you got your wish

Players will now drop PvP flags if they cast Podtender (including Temple of Kotmogu orbs).

  • Note: this fix will be applied to the live game as soon as possible, before the weekly reset.

And just for people who haven’t seen the comical changes.

yeah im really excited for that 2% more damage with 2hand weapons change! i mean that was like 2 whole talent points back in vanilla

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Every change is legitimately for PVE. :slight_smile:

fury buffs fury buffs!! :grin:

hopefully they won’t allow people to bop it or sac it anymore
that was annoying as hell

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i just had a dh drop it in twin peaks just now seems its live?

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but wait theres more

  • Meat Cleaver talent now increases Whirlwind’s damage by 25% (was 30%).

negligible tbh, 8% flat is <3 a good start

2% 2h frost buff


I don’t think you can bop/sac a flag, correct me if I’m wrong so that change might be huge

You can sac flag… But i’m curious about the bop. Could you bop a seed if the person who was in the seed had a flag?



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I love it.

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That wasn’t our wish… the wish is for Pod tender to stop working at all in PvP as a broken Res mechanic. When does that happen?


you’re just mad other classes can have multiple lives now too


This is the wrong direction for pod tender. Make it easier to target when noticed, not easier to notice. If you don’t notice it or pay attention for it, then that’s on you for letting them get back up, but if you are on point and paying attention you should be able to instantly and easily target it and eliminate it.

yeah imagine defending pod at all ever


Yea give it 1 HP too so it dies instantly from any attack.

Yea definitely one of the worst things introduced into the game since symbiosis.

As a night Fae Druid rocking the Dreamweaver soulbind…

Good. Nerf it harder.