We'll never get a legendary again

And the one they gave us had probably the most uninspiring legendary effect out of all the legendaries that have ever existed in the game.


And I’m alright with this.


People really need to hold blizzard accountable for adding a legion legendary item.

That was legit one of the worst and most complained about features of legion, and they said they “learned from it”, and then they do this.

If Blizzard really wants to show they have changed, they need to fix this.

Unless people are okay with having their time wasted :man_shrugging:

We are playing wow; this is self evident.

At any rate, while the acquisition sucks, blizzard don’t need to be held accountable for anything save maybe a lack of data transparency to show how BLP works. We got a decently powerful, fully RNG legendary at an ilvl no other class could get this tier.

The legendary effect is the worst effect in all the history of Wow… who cares about the ilevel that adds up like like what 200 extra stats

Then we are okay with the issues Legion, BFA, and SL had, and we shouldn’t hold them accountable for creating something they have said multiple times was a mistake in the past?

This one was one the major issues legion had other than titanforging, which is ironically enough about the same as this with the RNG aspect as well.

Hunters had the same issue in SL with the bow from sylvanas. Blizzard knew it was an issue then so they added upgrade drops, and after even more backlash they made those guaranteed drops.

Feedback is important, but it’s also important for Blizzard to listen, especially after the mess Shadowlands was.

It’s actually about half a weapons worth of main stat, which is also half of what an aug gives with ebon might with a much lower CD, and to make it better than ebon might it has smart targeting, with it prioritizing people with major CD’s active.

omfg. evoker is brand new this expansion and you’ve had an evoker only overpowered weapon in BOTH RAIDS. you’ve been given both the most broken dps spec and the first ever support spec (that is also cracked) and yet somehow you are finding a way to fabricate something to complain about that hasn’t even happened. And people think warlocks are bad…


Let’s be honest this legendary purpose was simply to let players have a early taste of what Augvokers would be

Hey, the bow from sunwell just made it so you did not need to buy arrows.

Also you notice how over half the threads in this forum anymore is some sort of complaint about the legendary. Nobody talks about anything else anymore.

Well, it is the main issue with evokers right now.

Most of us are also annoyed Blizzard lied about learning their lesson in legion with the RNG leggos

There are much larger issues with literally every spec of evoker than a mediocre legendary that sucks at dropping.

There could be a legendary staff or 1h mace in the next expac or the one after that. There will be more, at some point.

Such as?

Dev and Pres are doing really well currently, and are looking to be very good next season.

Aug is still broken asf, but it’s also being worked on and iterated.

Really well in what?

The only reason to play dev over Aug in prog is if you already have augs, and it has horrific survivability, especially compared to Aug which also does more damage and provides more group survivability and utility. They’re both fine in the larger scheme, but the legendary is not the largest issue with the class lol, that’s absurd.

Dev is currently nerfed by 2.2% for next patch.

You’ve already talked about Aug needing gutting, and pres is currently outclassed by most healers in high end content, though the good ones are beasts.

Pretty sure a marginal upgrade (~0.5% personal dps increase for me, lol) drop is far from the biggest issue with the class.

Do I wish it would drop? Of course I do. Was the drop handled horribly? Sure. Is it a major issue with the class? Only on the forums.

Anyone not parsing in the 95th percentile (this includes me) can get infinitely more out of improving at their respective spec than they will get because they have an orange weapon.