Welcome to the Meat Blender Meta

one of these days someone from blizz with power will read these forums and ban the knockoff level 10 bloomsdays

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Say the op DH.

Man you’re not a bright bulb are you friend.

Wasn’t this moron just parading around crying for Ele nerfs in like 5 threads just yesterday? Now it’s melee? Homie must’ve rerolled Ele thinking it was cake and seen what true hell is like when you’ve got noting but triple melee lobbies.


Ele was my easiest 1800, brainless lava bursts into 2 set earth shocks while controlling melee with a million utility.

I try to get 1800 on everything for mogs, melee is now the new hype. I finished UHDK, so im doing Ret next then Arms.

It’s not my fault your garbage at Ele despite it being S tier.

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Homeskillet McNugget you already admitted to paying for multiple boosts across multiple seasons, abusing the MMR exploits, leaving on any losses, etc. Anything about your rating can’t be taken seriously. The fact that blizzard protects crackheads like you by letting you post on this alt is comical.


I never admitted to paying for any boost across any season, I didn’t abuse MMR exploits I left the games I did bad in because the option was available and whenever I look up old posts on the arena section people take a fat steamy :poop: on you in every thread.

I don’t need validation from a peasant.

Now cry to me about how Ele isn’t S tier because you’re hardstuck Rival, i’ll wait.

“It’s not abuse if you can do it!”


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True though, if top 100 players did it so can I :slight_smile:

Thanks for the admission of guilt. I’ll write the ticket homie <3

Sure, you can. It just seems disingenuous when a lot of your rebuttals to forum posters who disagree with you involve insulting their rating.

Go for it.

I only insult Dicon cause he’s annoying.

do you ever get tired of your mewling? most of what you said doesnt really check out above like even 1800ish… plus, flattering that you think ret is right up there with the rest. the only true offenders are fury and havoc. ret actually has higher throughput than fury but it just cant stay on a target nearly as well as warr/dh.

go back to COD, is my advice

Pika got 1 shot by a Ret in 2.3k MMR 3s last night by a Ret randomly, wdym?

Arms literally pumps in every 2.5k + MMR shuffle along with UHDK.

fine, but a single data point means nothing.

i think you’d be better off if you mostly made posts calling for buffs and/or fixes to the classes you actually play

Tbf the post is more of a meme on the current meta than an actual analysis, just poking fun at Blizzard’s balancing.

You should see Devoker burst too, Trill was playing it and was 1 - 2 shotting people in a Deep Breath and Surge combo.

I’m surprised half of this stuff made it through lol

Why do you pretend that plate armor does anything against any specs other than warrior, enhance and hunter lmao

It isn’t a insult its fact. might wana rethink your position. regardless , look at the ladders, DH and Sop are the top dogs, but you rating shows that your a puppy.


Also my rating is low this season because external factors.

Yeah the classes that over perform so much repeatedly nerfing them doesn’t even do anything noticable.

Gut DH and rogue. I agree.