Welcome to Classic+

reaching sooooo hard…

They literally just forgot to block a console command and everyone is sperging out.
The wargame thing was not intentional and has zero effect on the game.


Seems pretty intentional to me. This command was not enabled in Classic until just recently.

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Not the point of the thread.

What changes would you like to see?


Building off of the idea from above.

Leaving your current faction to join the other side

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They just found it this week. Again not intentional.

What impact in the game aside from Horde winning AV from alliance side and causing forum tears will this have? Rep, quests will not be possible in war mode, its just pvp.

Are you okay? It didn’t accidentally turn on…

It has been here since release, was just found this week.

I don’t think you understand how a museum piece is suppose to work. And again, it wasn’t enabled “accidentally”. It was negligence that enabled it.

Why couldn’t they “accidentally” keep Legions spell batching system?

Since i thwarted your first argument do i all in on this? ??? Sure…

You never had a museum piece… As soon as they changed the devilsaur stuff.

That being said, folks here are equating them forgetting to block some console commands (that have little effect on the game) to them putting in dual spec (which would have a huge impact on the game), this is silly, sperg behavior.

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Please read:

It was not in Classic until just now. It was added deliberately. This was not an oversight that they only discovered just now and aren’t removing.

Check the global strings. New ones were added specifically for Classic. The old ones leftover from the Legion client used for spectating arenas were changed in the PTR for Phase 4.

This isn’t a feature that has existed in Classic this whole time. It was just recently added.

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As would trasnmog, barbershops, faction transfers, lockout resets…

Thwarted for sure…

Same battlegrounds, same games, same classes, same factions, same races. Same content against different players.

Let me know when I get new content. Then it’ll be Classic+.

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There is no Classic+ diagram. This is Classic+.

Stop living in your imaginary world Timmy.

Wargames are new content, or at least new features if that’s the word you’d prefer to use.

But sure, because there’s not a new race, class, BG, or faction, it’s authentic vanilla still. /facepalm

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Timmy only recognizes his thoughts for the most part. Even though Classic+ has no set “changes”, it does to him.

Did Blizzard ever say Classic should be a museum piece? Or is that another case of people reading what they want to hear.

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Where’s the new content then?

Did they introduce new battlegrounds, instances, zones, classes, or races?


It’s the same content against different players.

If blizz were in here claiming this was “content” they’d be laughed at. Don’t give them ideas.

Not every change means Classic is now Classic+

Wake me up if they add new content. Until then it’s just another #change.

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Where is there a blue post stating they turned it on.

You could wargame in prior expansions, my guild used to do it all the time. This has been in the client for a long time, just not sure if it was done via console or gui…

Pretty sure this wasn’t added until after I stopped playing in Cata, so it’s a change for sure.

They forgot to turn it off, and now that players figured it out, they’re leaving it in.

Pssst. I’ve posted Ions quote like a half a dozen times here. Go read the top post!

Timmy, your IQ is showing again.

You’re wrong.