Welcome new people

A hearty welcome to all the folks from Drak’thul, Mok’Nathal, Silvermoon, and Skywall. Welcome to Borean Tundra/Shadowsong. And yes, I will say it, there is nothing boring about Borean. :wink:

I am sure over the next several weeks we will have a lot of growing pains as we get a feel for new names in Trade and General chats, probably some friendly competition between those that play the AH, hopefully some more chances for guilds looking to fill rosters for their raid teams to replace any that wont be back for Shadowlands.

Many years ago I started a Facebook group for the server, so if you are interested here is a link, remove spaces

https:// www.facebook. com/groups/177144852353813/

For the past 7 years we have all gathered together for a Server Holiday card photo that I send to Blizzard, this will be year 8, so if any are interested, keep an eye open for the announcement. 2019 7th annual Holiday card photo - #4 by Marathal-borean-tundra

I am sure we will all work things out and do all we can to make our 6 pack work out. If anyone has any issues that I need to be aware of with members of my guild, please feel free to message me in game privately.

Thanks again, and welcome.

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Hello from Hydraxis/Terenas! The discord link seems to be expired :frowning:

this should work

https:// discord.gg/qsUxCBx

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is it too late to join the discord ?

It doesn’t seem to be there anymore