Welcome Frostwolf and Vashj Alliance to Connected Spirestone!

Hope you guys like getting camped by the Horde and outnumbered 4:1.

Luckily there is a strong Alliance guild on the server looking for more members for Mythic raiding in Shadowlands. Enter Gluten Intolerance:

Looking for short raid hours? Can’t commit to a heavy raid schedule but still want to progress through the hardest content? We might be what you’re looking for.

Schedule: 2-day - 7:30 PM-10:30 PM PT (Tuesday/Thursday)

Past Accomplishments:

*CURRENT 12/12M Ny’alotha

  • EP 8/8M (Azshara during 8.3)
  • BoD 9/9M CE
  • Uldir 8/8M CE
  • ABT 11/11M CE
  • TOS 9/9M
  • ToV 3/3M CE
  • NH 10/10M CE
  • EN 7/7M CE
  • HFC 13/13M CE


We’re currently looking for 1-2 strong swing healer/dps to continue clearing mythic raids in Shadowlands, but any exceptional player is welcome to apply. We have a relatively small roster at 22 players and are looking to add a couple more to our raiding roster. Now is the perfect time to join as we start a new expansion fresh.

  • Resto/Ele Shaman
  • Holy/Ret Pally
  • Resto/Balance Druid
  • Disc/Shadow Priest

is an Alliance guild formed for those who want to progress through Mythic raid content on a casual-like schedule. We pride ourselves on staying competitive and clearing the hardest content while only committing to a 2 night (6 hours total) raid schedule. Many of us have been playing since vanilla and have raided in highly competitive guilds in the past.

We look for raiders that not only perform at a high level but can also commit to a 90%+ attendance. We maintain a rather small roster (22-25) for a raiding guild of this level and rotate raiders in on a boss-to-boss basis based on mechanics/loot needs.

Culture fit is also very important. Many people in our guild are also friends outside World of Warcraft. The past few years have seen many members of the guild attend BlizzCon together or other meetups. On off-nights, you can also find us running Mythic+, alt-raids or even playing different games together (Overwatch, Diablo, HotS, etc).

Contact Us:

Please fill out an application here (can’t include a link so I’ve added a space): h ttps://goo.gl/forms/VWo3n2hQjWr8nnoA3

Battlenet: Monstrous#1404 (applying via form is preferred), Gradywhite#1511

Discord: Monstrous#4140 (for questions), Gradywhite#3177