Weekly reminder that AV is still hot garbage

Win ratio feels 1/10 matches (I actually haven’t won one as horde but I can’t say 0) horde over alliance. I merc every bg now for faster que times and higher win rates.

AV the issue itself is that it’s still the same 6 minute matches of zerging the boss. Standing outside the boss room patiently waiting for bunker/tower caps then who can kill the boss fastest ( spoiler, never horde)

What fun, dynamic, engaging gameplay!

Please overhaul it already


Completely agree. The only fun you can have in AV, at all, is defending your towers (not in your base) for 4 minutes until either team PvE’s the boss down.

Whats worse is the BG is still buggy and people can actually auto attack you through walls in your towers and prevent you from stealthing.

Overal garbage BG that needs sweeping changes which will not happen. However I bet you a new store mount is coming, they’re working overtime for that one in lieu of the Christmas season!

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The zerg is allegedly being fixed on Tuesday, the next time servers are restarted.

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Good. I hate the way it is now. We still manage to have a good time and collect some big fat honor at the end of our wins. :smiley:

I don’t think people care about AV anymore, most of us have let go. It’s been bad since like Vanilla patch 1.6 or something like that I forget.

All the epic bgs are garbage in my opinion.

Need to just scrap them all and go back to the drawing board.