Weekly Bonus Event: Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking

Weekly Bonus Event: Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking

This week’s Bonus Event is underway and we’re headed to Northrend to do some Timewalking. Are you ready to step into Ulduar? Read on to learn more.

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Anyone know why my 60 hunter can’t see the option for timewalking dungeons but my 60 druid can? It doesn’t even show up in the group finder. Is there some eligibility requirement I don’t know about?

edit: It seems the minimum ilvl is 175. Call me crazy but it should probably say that somewhere instead of needing to play ilvl detective.


I love me some Uldar

I noticed this as well. The calendar says 60 and above so I imagine (hope!) it’s a soon-to-be-fixed bug.

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I hope I can see it on this Void Elf.

She deserves super fast leveling.

Is it still super fast? Heck yeah man, gonna go fast.

I believe so, it’s just those under 60 can no longer do it.

You have to be near item level 170 (not sure the exact number) and level 60.

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I kept sending my hunter BoA 226 gear until timewalking became available. It appears the minimum ilvl is 175.

Just tested, it’s 175.

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone know if Hard Modes are unlocked, and if yes, what impact they have on loot? Classic, it gives unique items at higher ilvl.

iLvl must be at least 180

There is a special place in the maw for people like you…after 6 mos I believe they probably figured it out

Why in Earth these GD forms don’t have after a certain time to read only mode no replies is beyond me

First boss of Uld is still bugged af