Weekly Bonus Event: Legion Timewalking

Weekly Bonus Event: Legion Timewalking

Prime your minds for a fel-tangled chrono-spatial conundrum and more in this week’s Bonus Event.

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Hi blue :slight_smile:

Where can I obtain the timesworn key so I can do some Legion dungeons in M+? I cant find the npc anywhere

Hey Blizz, the Legion Timewalking vendor is currently AWOL …

Since when is Timewalking “Level 60+”

yeah as a 52 I apparently can’t join in to do timewalking with my guildies for some XP

What kinda crap is this?


Vendor isn’t up…


It’s been “within ten levels of max” since BfA I think? At some point Blizz realized spamming Timewalking dungeons was a fun and fast way to level, so they nuked it.

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I just wanted to be able to play with guildies :frowning:

They removed those. Since Legion Dungeons are part of the dungeon rotation of DF, they are no longer playable as a M+ mode separated from regular DF. If you want M+ legion dungeons, you gotta do with CoS and HoV in the current DF dungeon rotation, and nothing else since only those 2 are in the rotation.

is the vendor supposed to offer 164 ilvl gear? Isn’t it usually something you can use in the current expansion?


I’m just confused as to why we don’t have access to timeworn keystones. I get that there are some legion mythic plus dungeons this season but there were others that had some really good trinkets and stat-specific gear that is BIS for many. For example, Moonlight Prism for casters, and the Mirror is good for heals. I really wish they took the time to scale the other dungeons properly so we could have timeworn keystones like we did last time… I guess they just didn’t have the time. I really enjoyed doing Legion keystones last time this was up.

Which is funny because they never fixed the tooltip on the calendar - it still says level 45 and above.