Weekly Bonus Event: Burning Crusade Timewalking

Weekly Bonus Event: Burning Crusade Timewalking

The iconic Black Temple raid is available in Burning Crusade Timewalking! Gather a group of champions and head to Outland to face Illidan and his cohorts once more.

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Shadow Lab should be a dungeon in TW.


Time to be disappointed again as I still am 1/2 warglaives of azzinoth after 20+ weeks of farming :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Which I guess is okay cause if it doesn’t drop today then I can keep going till next time walking event which is June

Oh look another boring week that can be ignored.

Can’t wait to see how over-tuned these dungeons are… BC time walking made me quit doing time walking in SL.

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I’ve never done black temple, they should do a raid with every Timewalking event.


My least favourite of the timewalking events.

ALSO when can we get “classic”? I really miss the classic dungeons :frowning:

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It would be great if Iron Docks were brought back instead of Grimrail Depot. That place is too hard for disabled players like me.

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Weekly event that gives you obsolete gear! People will totally do it!

blood furnace is bugged btw mobs getting shredded by like paper but you die in two hits

Levelers no long get the rep bonus for BC.

So choosing to do time walking with a mix of chromie time to the extra rep while leveling was killed.

Cool Blizzard! Thank you. Your changes against fun always makes sense and it’s very welcoming.


AND you need to be 60+ to do it now! WTF. Timewalking used to be a great way to level alts, and I was waiting and planning to get lovely charms this way on my alt. This change makes no sense, it was working perfectly before when you didn’t have to be 60+ just to do the timewalking dungeons.


Looking at your avatar we could tell, top hat :skull:

I wish it were tuned a little better. I did Blood Furnace and Magister’s Terrace this morning and things were dying before I could get casts off. Even the bosses were taking under 30 seconds to kill.

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You have one, just transmog it to another. Maybe you need to do the achieve on another character? Most would just transmog using it.


I honestly think they made an error with this ridiculous level requirement. I also am searching for where this was posted and the reason why it was changed… It’s ridiculous indeed…

Thanks for the dupe drop Blizzard , haven’t played for 2 months , you would think I would get an upgrade for old gear ? Nope

I think every single dungeon in the game should available in the dungeon finder and the levels squashed. No Chromie time needed, just que. Would love to see that finally…

When is BFA timewalking?