Weekend 4/8M Raiding Team LF Rogue and Fire Mage/Spriest

Vigilant is recruiting for our 4/8M weekend group!!! We are refining our team in order to move into deeper progress for Mythic Eternal Palace. Our end goal is to produce a team that can get CE in future tiers.

Sargeras-Alliance Guild

In depth guild information at www.vigilantsargeras .com - no spaces!

About Us

Vigilant is a well-established Guild that has been in existence since October 25, 2016. While we have had our struggles, we have always stood strong and always pull through, in the end, thanks to the dedication of our officers and members. While we try to facilitate a fun and friendly environment both inside and outside of raid, we have high expectations and demands for our raiders to be better players.

What is the purpose of the Weekend Raiding Team?

Our purpose is to have fun, form a community, and kill bosses together in a laid back yet progression minded environment. We are our own independent raid team. This is the perfect team for those raiders that have families, work, school, etc throughout the week and cannot raid during the week but still wish to raid at a high level. The weekend team will also have the benefit of being supported by an established raiding guild and team, giving it many advantages and resources that single-team guilds may not have. Transferring between teams is possible, but only by officer approval.

Raid Times

Saturday 8:00PM - 11:00PM CST Sunday 8:00PM - 11:00PM CST


Tanks (Closed)

  • Closed

Healers (Closed)

  • Closed

Ranged DPS (Open)

  • Fire Mage, Spriest, and Boomkin.

Melee (Open)

  • Rogue and DH







Brew master and Disc Priest unite!

Still need a disc, BrM, and a rogue!

looking for a rogue

Disc Priest and Brewmaster and rogue!!

Look for a rogue that wants to kick something

Need Brewmaster, rogue, ele sham

Bumpity bump.

Still recruiting

Jump in while we still have room!

Need a Rogue and a Fire Mage and a DPS with healing offspec to complete our roster!

Fire Mage and Rogue! Will consider solid Spriest,.

Updated needs!

Updated needs!