Weapons that match blood elf heritage armor?


Hello gorgeous blood elves, I need your help. I already have the perfect staff for casters(golden staff of the Sin’dorei) so I’m good there. So what are some good 1h swords and daggers to match with the heritage armor for rogue?
And for 2h weapons for the other melee I have great mace of the order, is that probably the best match that there is or is there a better 2h match out there?
Thank you in advance for any possible suggestions.



(Marakurta) #3

For 2h sword I think the following works well.

For 1h-sword if you have the patience to craft or just wanna buy it off ah there is this

(Melantha) #4

Here are a few I like.

(Atalanta) #5

2H Maces

  • The Blood Knight Maul is a good looking 2H mace. Red and gold, similar to the armor.
  • Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand is also a good looking 2H mace. Similar color scheme.

2H Swords

  • The classic: Sindorei Warblade. A little outdated, but the color scheme and thematics are solid.
  • Calamity’s Edge, very nice fit if you ask me.

2H Axes

  • Masterwork Spiritblade Decimater. Has some silver edging, but it still looks nice.
  • Draconic Maul. Nice coloring.


  • Saurok Ritualist’s Sacrificial Dagger.
  • Alysra’s Razor (Normal)
  • Iron Qon’s Boot Knife (Heroic) (The image is enchanted, it doesn’t normally glow blue)

(Rhuor) #6

I imagine if you look closely at Sunwell Plateau or Tempest Keep, you should be able to find some?

Also, certain artifact skins fit with it nicely if you’re looking for a mish mash. Like…


…this guy.

He isn’t wearing the full set but the glaives work great with it. I just don’t like wearing full sets so I always mix.


<<<< check out my profile, these weapons have the exact same color scheme.


While it doesn’t really match I’m going to use the Greatsword of the Sin’dorei from the Argent Tournament. Thematic match imo.

(Arwenna) #10


Quickening Blade of the Prince! It drops off Kael’thas himself in Magister’s Terrace and it is one of the few one-handers that sheath on your back. Btw how do you do those fancy wowhead links with the screenshots? Is it something you unlock for being active on the forums?

(Hrødric) #12

Cosmetics? Mary Kay stuff?
I dont know…