Weapon to go with new Blood Knight armour set xmog

I’m asking for 2H weapon xmog recommendations of what ppl think works really well with the new belf Blood Knight armour set inn 9.2.5. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am using Terokk’s Quill and it looks great

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The spear from the old ooooold blood knight quest from TBC.

I think there is a replica now of it right next to the cauldron near where you fight the last boss of the questline, just have to pick it up.

This, of course.

I was hoping the spear & shield you see guards with. Or a sword that has glowing runes on it - Very ‘Quel’Thalas’ vibe.

Personally I’d love a ‘Royal Crest of Lordaeron’ shield but instead of Lordaeron - have the symbol of Silvermoon and name the shield ‘Royal Crest of Quel’Thalas’ with the symbol glow bright with light every now and then ‘Infused with the light of the Sunwell itself’.

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