Weak Aura to Show When Spell Is off Cooldown

Hello everyone, I'm trying to get a weak aura set up to have something to the effect of having text read "Lay on Hands is Ready" when it is off cooldown for several seconds, but I don't want it to show up otherwise. I'm not really sure how to do this because I am fairly new to trying to set up my own weak auras. Any help would be much appreciated.
Very important to remember the following:
1. Any field where you manually type in a value (like the Text aura's name, the Font Size, X-position, Y-position, etc...) either hit Enter to save that value or click the Accept/OK button that will appear next to it to save that value. You can easily do something like the following: enter in the X position (not hit Enter), enter the Y position (hit Enter) and lose that X value when you close the Weakauras Option window.
2. Most of the Checkboxes can be clicked multiple times to change what they mean. For example, on the Load tab the "In Pet Battle" checkbox. Click it once for "In Pet Battle" (green=show only in pet battles). Click it twice for "Not in Pet Battle" (red text). Click it 3 times to clear it.

Pop open the weakauras options (/wa)
1. Select New
2. Click Text
3. Enter a name like "Lay on Hands CD" and hit enter
4. On the Display tab put in text like: %n Available (if you want it to be "generic") or: Lay on Hands Available
5. Click the Accept button
6. Change the font, color, etc.. to suit your tastes.
7. Select the Trigger tab.
8. In Required for Activation select "trigger 1"
9. Type: Event
10. Event: Cooldown Ready (spell)
11. Lay on Hands or whatever the spell name is. Click the OK button after entering and if it's accepted it will stay.
12. For Hide: select Timed
13. In the Duration(s) box, enter the number of seconds to display the item for and hit Enter. So if you want it display for 3 seconds, enter 3 and hit enter.
14. Select the Load tab
15. Check Player Class and then select Paladin
16. Unless Lay on Hands is available to all Paladin specializations, you'll need to enter that as well. If it's a spell in only 1 specialization, click the Specialization box ONCE and select it from the dropdown. If Lay on Hands is a spell for multiple specs, click the Specialization box TWICE. Then check the individual specs. A third check on the specialization box clears the selection.
17. Check other things to turn it off/on for specific things. For example, I pet battle a lot and I don't want to see my WA's in there so I check "Not in Pet Battle".

That's it.
Thank-you. Great instructions. :)
If you want the quick version in the future you can just look up the spell on Wowhead and hit the WeakAuras export button, customize it to your liking and import it into WA.