"We won't merge because you'll lose your names"

Yeah in retail, but everyone there also hates sharding, so I imagine people will hate it here too.

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They answered and they said NO.

now stop asking and move on. silently.

In regards to the name thing, most communities have been decimated by this server nonsense anyways. They are fragmented and as someone else said, so many people have transferred that they have likely already been required to name change. What a dumb excuse.


The didn’t say no, they simply laid out the issues with that suggestion and their reasons why they want to avoid merging realms is possible.


As much as I care about my names… I’m all in for merges. For the rest there is Ascii codes to replace letters with (or append the bnet tag at the end of the charatcer’s name… or allow us to add a surname which you can chose to display or not…)

I’m not on a crashed server being on Westfall, but it’s not a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN it will start bleeding players (unless everyone moves here for some reason).

To Blizzard: Solutions not excuses, please
I vote for full on merges. but that’s me.


they don’t wanna do it.
's obvious.

Again… you’re homogenizing names at that point which I, and I’m guessing the vast majority of the community are absolutely against. I’d rather lose my own unique name and have to pick a new one then make it so names are no longer unique at all.

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I mean, if you add the person to your friends list this isn’t an issue. They could also add surnames like in Star Wars the Old Republic.

Its still an issue… Just because I can chat with the right person doesn’t mean it doesn’t take away from the uniqueness of names if every rogue on the server can name themselves “slice” or whatever. Its exactly the kind of homogenization people hate retail for.

Surnames would mean adding in a whole new system. I don’t see that happening… it seems goofy, and it still wouldn’t solve the previous issue.

I get what you’re saying, but it’s not like names are unique IRL and we deal with it just fine. One of my co-workers has the same first name as me, but that doesn’t take away from either of our identities.

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If Blizzard wants to show it cares about not disenfranchising players then it should hand the agency over to the players to do free transfers wherever they want and let them make the decision for themselves.

They should also refund the people that paid for transfers to other servers within the last 3 or so months since they themselves have admitted that they should’ve done this sooner.

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Yea… But this isn’t RL is it? In RL there are an almost inifinite number of other unique characteristics we can use to identify one another at a glance/moment. A persons voice, their height, their weight, their hair, eyes, etc etc etc etc. In Classic we have no choice over most of those things… and a very limited control over some (hair etc.)

So we obviously lean more on names as a means of uniquely identifying ourself since it is one of the only truly unique options we have in game. You’re suggesting taking away that singular identifying trait we have and making it homogenized like everything else.

Its a colossally bad idea.

That absolutely wont happen. When in the entire history of Blizzard have they ever refunded anything?

Then I suppose the best and most likely action would be for Blizzard to do what they did on Retail: connect servers and leave the server tag attached to the person’s name.


That’d be better I suppose…

But it still leaves all the other objections to server merges

Then youre gonnna have the " but muh community" people.

There is literally a no win scenario.


That’s making a mountain out of a very tiny molehill. First there’s a very tiny number of people who could even have the same name in the first place as it would still be limited by the number of servers merged. Second in practice there’s a tiny number of collisions in the first place, the chances you’d ever see two people with the same name is tiny.

So you’re ignoring the huge improvements that merged servers have for pretty every one all the time on the 1 in a million chance that you might see two with the same name. I was there when they did linked realms the first time, it was perfectly fine there was not massive disruptions, you just had a lot more people to play with and all the benefits that come with that.

It depends on your name. If your name is Ziryus sure, probably pretty low. If its “Shadows” its quite a bit higher…

When did we establish that merging servers was going to offer “huge improvements?”

You could say the same for Cross-realm raids/instances etc. That still doesn’t mean they belong in TBC.

See my first point, there’s still a very finite number of “Shadows” there can be and the odds that it would ever actually come up are tiny.

Hmm… I think the people on dead realms or massively faction imbalanced realms can answer that.

The actual downsides or those can be quantified a lot more than just there’s a one in a million chance I might see two people with the same name.

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If you restrict it to servers sure… If you start allowing anyone to make a character with the name “Shadows” and just make it unique on the backend then I imagine you’d see quite a few.

Over just free server transfers? I don’t think we’ve established that at all. It also doesn’t fix the issues for anyone on a “massively imbalanced realm” unless that realm also happens to be low pop. You’re never going to merge Benediction or Faerlina with another server… so “server mergers” do absolutely nothing for Bene horde or Fearlina alliance etc,

Pretty sure that’s a made up statistic but cool story? And go ahead. Quantify it for me. I’ll wait.

Connecting servers is the cleanest dirty shirt in the Blizzard hamper of options.