We want RDF

Correct it is a business.

can’t wait to get RDF :smiley: It’ll prob be out by ICC time

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Yeah, WoW Development is more like a circus. Whether its retail or classic it seems the devs can’t help but be clowns and burn the tent down.

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We really need that !

What does it make you, who hates the circus, but still pays to see the clowns? A SUPER CLOWN?!

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[Citation needed]

Funny how this works. The super duper community-minded ant-RDF crowd seem to be the most toxic members of the forums. This is probably why they’re worried all of their “friends” will ditch them if RDF comes out.


NOPE still dont want RDF

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Random Dungeon Finder is widely accepted as the beginning of the end for classic wow. When you are a tank or a healer you can almost insta queue. Dungeon not going perfect? That piece of loot you wanted dropped? Or didn’t? Bail, queue, new group. Rest of your party screwed and waiting for a replacement. These things do happen in classic yes, but once the word gets out that you’re a dirt bag, ninja or bailer, you don’t fined a group so easy. The bottom line is RDF promotes bad behavior, turns players anonymous and degrades the experience of the average player. Perhaps this is because it pulled from all servers. If it only pulled from your server maybe it would be less bad.


Yes I completely forgot about immersion.

While nice you get the see the world and all while traveling to a dungeon for first time but after a couple of times you will just go to a flight master and just afk and or tab out while on the fly from point A to point B or you could just wait to be summoned there via summoning stone or warlock if 2 or 3 people are present.

Thats what I have seen in most anti-RDF posts, they say that the reason that is a bad state right now is cause of RDF without realizing that it has nothing to do with retail being :poop: and as I in posts replying to these people and my post here that RDF is not the reason why Wod, BFA and Shadowlands is a failure.

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[Citation needed]. RDF is widely accepted a WotLK feature. WotLK Classic should have WotLK features.

Yep. It’s pretty neat.

I mean, if you’re that boring a person, that’s on you. WotLK dungeons don’t take very long to just finish and requeue.

Maybe on a sub-500 player server. Haven’t seen it myself, despite having played on Myzrael, witnessing douchebaggery with zero consequences past that day.

Maybe you need to look in a mirror if you feel that way.

Pretty sure my name + server show up for everyone to see.

Again, [citation needed]. It enhances my experience greatly.

No, RDF should absolutely have cross server. If I had to spend all of Classic competing in BGs against mega server premades, then RDF should absolutely come in at its fullest. Teleport, xrealm, rewards, repeatable heroics, the works.


Pretty much everything that guy said is false. There is far more toxicity without RDF. With it people can just relax, chill out and bang out a dungeon. Reputation means nothing already, especially on megaservers. And now you can namechange, and soon race and faction change. Thus reputation will literally mean nothing.

Just more anti-lfd rhetoric not grounded in reality.




I’m of the mind that it’s the exact same amount either way. People will just notice it more because they’ll do more dungeon content. God forbid we want to actually play more of the game rather than be background dressing for the eternal questers environmental experience, though.

Reputation already means very little even before name/server change. Like, you have to be an absolute scum of the earth person for a very long time for even a portion of most servers to find out. And mega servers, where the majority of players are, are basically impossible to have a reputation on.

Personally I’ve never found “reputation” to be a good argument against RDF to begin with. It’s basically admitting that you can’t be responsible for yourself. Maybe try being respectful of other people…because you’re a good person? Instead of because “I’ll never get invited to a pug again if my server finds out!”


I mean in todays classic, TBC and now wrath, what has even happen to someone that was an a**hat or ninja looted an item from you?

I will you give my little bit of a story, during TBC classic, my brother who was a warrior rolled need on a spell power ring from scholomance and won it and I was like dude and he was relatively new at the time and told him spell power doesn’t affect him and he tried to trade it but it wasn’t trade able and somehow he got no consequence and wasn’t black listed by the server community.

It goes to show that the server communities in today’s Classic, TBC and now Wrath are weak compared to what it was back in the day, especially on a mega server.


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My subs already cancelled until they add RDF so… I’m obviously not paying any further. I’m still here until the sub runs out because I paid for it.


That’s your prerogative man!

Of course, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still demand for what I want in the slimmest of hopes I can get it and continue playing.