We oppose the 30-per-day cap!

It wasn’t just bots hitting the 30/day cap.

Quite a few players have been having issues with it as well.

Heck the change alone has dropped my play time by a lot because I have avoided instances more to prevent a lockout on raid night, to make sure I have resets to help guildies doing attunement on their alts., To farm NR gear for AQ, exc.

The lockout has made me hesitant to help low level alts in my guild, it’s made me hesitant to run my own alts in an instance.

This change sucks, but you want to know the absolute worst part of it? It was clearly not thought through or tested.

They added 0 form of tracking for players
It’s easily bypassed by botters with more accounts and realm hopping which has the “benefit” of inflating blizzards subscription numbers.
Because bots now want to use more accounts their creditcard theft and stolen account scams will go up (about 4 hours after the change I got a whisper from “blizzard” (lvl 1 scam) trying to get me to visit a website for preventing actions from being taken against my account. Idk if it was just luck, but I had not received a phishing scam like that from an in game whisper before the change. But shortly after the change I got one…

The change has one actual benefit for blizzard vs bots, it reduces the number of instance logs for then to review per account to server. That’s it. This means blizzard chose the change that would result in then needing less manpower to deal with it in the cheapest way possible.

It would be like there being a law that each car can only drive 20 miles per day to reduce the wear and tear on the roads, instead of investing more into the care of the roads they inconvenience a good number of people just so they don’t have to pay more for fixing the roads…

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People can still bot. What are you talking about?

The people complaining about this change are legitimate players, not bots. It doesn’t affect bots in the slightest.

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Doing 5 pummeler runs takes about 15-20mins roughly. Doing this 6 times a day takes 90-120 mins of actual play time.

For anyone curious, the way druids farm pummelers is to just do their 5, then afk 40mins and repeat. I can hit the instance cap pretty easily each day by just casually doing pummeler runs throughout the day. It is extremely easy to hit this cap as a druid and it does hurt cats more than anyone else in the game. Considering the 30 cap did nothing at all to stop bots since bots use an army of accounts to avoid it, I don’t see why legit players, be it a small population of cat people, should be harmed by a change that does nothing to combat the issue at hand.

Either remove the boots from the drop table or remove the 30 instance cap. Cause come AQ and Naxx times, cats will be unable to farm enough pummelers each week to actually play the game like the spec has to be played.


this post is very important, and it’s saddens me it has gone on this whole time with out any other solutions.

You know, regardless of how many times you repeat it a lie is a lie. Obviously this affects bots. It increases the amount of time required to level themselves through dungeons to 400% of what it was before. That’s just simple math:

Previous cap = 5/dungeons per hour * 24 hours/day = 120 dungeons/day
New cap = 30 dungeons/day

120 dungeons/day divided by 30 dungeons/day = 4

That’s four times fewer dungeons/day than before.

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t contradict the obvious.

I feel bad for you guys. To be honest, the ideal solution is to create an item level 60 mace that drops in BRD, UBRS, and/or Scholomance. The mace would be comparable to MCP, except it would have a cool down rather than charges. Creating a level 30, non-unique, limited charge weapon that is BiS for feral druids was horrible game design. Sadly, we got what we got when they released Classic warts and all.

You wont unsubscribe Matukas. Give it a rest

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Of course not, he’s still raiding every week. It’s a very rare occurrence for someone threatening to quit if they don’t get their way to actually follow through with their threat.

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Seems unlikely.

That said, I’d be ok with the drop rate of MCP being increased if it makes my cat friends lives a little easier.

Only insofar as any change to the game affects all players, including bots.

What I mean by “it doesn’t affect bots in the slightest” is that bots still bot. They bot just as much as they were before. This is not an action against botting specifically, but against players in general. This change has not aided in the relief from the botting problem at all.

Also, with the 5 instances per hour cap being per character, bots are able to do MORE dungeons now than ever before in Classic.

Keep living in your own dream world:

Do you have any data or source to support this?

It’s not against players in general. Very few players ever hit 30 a day. In 15 years of playing I never hit 30 dungeon runs a day.

Yeah… that affects all players, bots included. That only reinforces my point.

It doesn’t affect me, so it’s not all players. Just the ones who want to pretend to be bots.

Guys, you misunderstand. She’s saying she has a character called Majority. She’s not actually deluded enough to be under the impression that she can claim to speak for anyone other than herself.

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Holy necroed post, Batman!!

The people who benefit from this change don’t support it vocally because they have neither the time nor the inclination. Blizz has the numbers and made the change, that speaks volumes.

Some of the things the people do instead of supporting this change on the forums include;

Using a toilet instead of a sock or bottle
Eating food at a table that does not have a monitor on it

Perhaps try some of things if you are hitting this cap. Please note you can not program a bot to do these things.

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I love how you people against this think that this actually stops bots.

You know how to stop bots? You ban them. It’s that simple.

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By virtue of posting on the forums, you are in the minority. Very few players go online to talk about the game, much less to the official forum to attach their character’s name and face to an opinion.

Now that it’s 30 instances per character, the cap is really only screwing over feral druids. However, hampering the players for what’s a shoddy throttle to botting isn’t good. They need to come up with a real solution to detecting and stopping automated game play instead of shutting down how much the game can be played.

For anyone in disagreement, the cap was set to stop bots. It’s a quick fix while they find a real solution to botnets running dungeons all day. That’s why the cap started out as an account wide cap. Imagine that every botting account has 10 characters on that server which can bot; capping one to 30 dungeons a day doesn’t do a whole lot, but capping the whole account to 30 per day can make some headway.

It’s too intrusive to the honest players, and it doesn’t make a big enough impact on dungeon botting.

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