We never asked for this; you aren't forcing us to use old and dated tech either; this gives a reason to go back to other projects

The guy DID pick up the flag before the horde player turned it in, but batching doesn’t see it, the video EVEN SHOWS the guy getting the flag and it was on him for almost 1 sec. This old spell batching is stupid. This only caters to players that have slow internet.

I also want to point out that even the noise went off of him picking it up.


Oh look. Someone who understands the context of the OP.

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So uninformed…

I like trains.


I’ve ridden in trains. It is always enjoyable.


Then go back to private projects you tool.

Spell batching is just another reason Classic failed.

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Positive thinking mate :slight_smile: You have no queues!


same game different player base.

Video link even looks cringy or creepy, or maybe both

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This is one of the good points of Classic, it’s mostly a older player base. The Justin Beiber annoying teeny boppers are largely on retail.


Yeah Batching in this incarnation is freaking garbage.


Both need to be eliminated because timing in PVP is everything.

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Spell batching is really dumb, it’s literally just artificial lag. Nobody likes playing with 500ms on everything.

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That + Warriors using 2 handers getting to attack you from orbit is also really stupid.

It isnt eliminated in retail even

You asked for the vanilla experience and you got it, quit whining. This is how it was.

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To be fair, we asked for a modern Vanilla. This is not modern.

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yes sir we arnt the same as we were 15 years ago and that goes for playing games.