We never asked for this; you aren't forcing us to use old and dated tech either; this gives a reason to go back to other projects


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yes sir we arnt the same as we were 15 years ago and that goes for playing games.

And look at all the people praising it. Seems to me that just becaues the OP is willing to cry the loudest doesnt mean his the majority. Hard pills to swallow.

Changes are a slippery slope

Often people don’t understand what they think they really want, i.e. spell batching. Of all the people that praise it. Who understands it? Do they understand it now? Or are they simply just riding this wave of mediocrity?

I’m not praising spell batching, it is an antiquated system. However, classic is a museum piece created to replicate vanilla. Which I support.


You could always go back to retail and not have to deal with it. Get a haircut. Shave ur Beard. Sperg out like you always do.

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This is “you think you do, but you dont” core textbook. I like it.

Fairly sure what was asked for was nochanges or as few as possible, not WoW classic Rebooted?


This is not about Modern WoW, this is about Classic WoW.

Additionally Modern WoW uses several batch cycles at higher frequency. All online multi player games use batching…

However only Classic WoW 2019 uses artificial batching.

Additionally LEEWAY is a mechanic designed to make playing melee possible in 2004 on tin-can-on-a-string internet connections connected to the PC equal of the modern day toaster oven.

Its a system not needed in 2019.


It’s failure to address problematic issues until too late that is the problem.

Eh, it is the system it came with.
They said multiple times, they left it as is on purpose, so that it works now like it did then, i dont think they are going to change it.

It isnt artificial, its simply running the same batch cycling it did then

I dont think they are going to change it, most of us have just adjusted to it
and learned to work with it

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Clearly you did not play vanilla because the batching worked differently; the order of operations within the batch is wrong.

Additionally how the client and server worked in Vanilla is VERY different. In Classic 2019 the client does zilch, it’s only a presentation and command interface.

Back in Vanilla it was almost distributed computing with a 400ms batch to sync the client to the server. We know this is true because in early TBC the system did not change a whole lot; with TBC came arena and a certain warrior got caught hacking The arena championship, but the hack was sooooo subtle… He hacked his auto attack rate, and none of the other warriors with the same exact gear and same exact build could duplicate his rage production and damage output…

This is the point when Blizzard started to change their client / server model because too much was done client side and as a result they updated quite a few things in mid TBC.

So as you can see there is NO WAY they can have authentic batching as it was in Vanilla using a literal copy paste method when distributed computing is no longer possible because of security concerns.

As a result the “Batching” we have in Classic is an artificial representation of “Vanilla” and it’s not playing correctly at all. I can assure you of that.


Eh, i was here on week 1
This is not vanilla, this is 1.12 or at least as close an approximation
of it as they could mate to the newer client engine etc.

I am managing to heal through it, and still remain mana efficient
without losing patients.

I’d like legions batching cycles and multi threaded/priority queue, but they already said a while back, they are not going to do that

Lol. So true.

Weve built ourselves quite an ecclectic chamber of sorts.

Its a one-way street from Blizz to forums. Sure they peek in to support data they get from some advanced sources, but they rarely take anything from general forums as a verbatim suggestion.

I confused your avatar with OP and thought maybe he had some incredible reawakening.

Good posts in here :+1:

PS. Pick it up druid!!

They don’t even need to go that far, just tighten up the batch cycles and FIX the order of operations so that the correct abilities get the correct priority. Right now, this is not playing like “Vanilla” its very different if you’re playing a hunter, rogue, druid, mage, lock.

I am a druid

Looks like you got beat and are now here whining.

In the immortal words of Sylvanas Windrunner (the Banshee Queen, the Dark Lady, Queen of the Forsaken) -

“Get Gud.”

This is your answer right here.