We need to set the record straight on lore morality

Many people seem convinced that at this point the Alliance could do “anything” to the horde and it would be justified because of Teldrassil. This is not at all how morality works.

I must make it clear, that in any situation real or fictional, an “atrocity” is never justified, no matter what happened before it. Any attempt to follow through on one will de facto make the Alliance antagonists.


didn’t you say nuking japan was justified or am i thinking of another poster


If you want to try to “define” an atrocity, we can make a separate thread for that. Currently, the UN, Hague court, and the world at large, do not consider the atomic bombings an atrocity. If you would like to go hire an expensive international law lawyer and take them to court, I would follow your exploits with great enthusiasm.

Okay it was you. Lmao.


What’s so funny, you think the world is wrong and you are right? How arrogant. Go make a legal case if you think you’re so right. But its irrelevant to our subject matter. By the Alliance players own words, they call their proposed retribution against the horde atrocities, per their own words, but their argument is that said atrocities are justified because of Teldrassil. That is wrong.

Let me make it easy for you. Legally and morally, the world does not consider the atomic bombings an atrocity. The Alliance players, per their own language, are advocating for atrocities against the horde.

In order to ensure that no entire city of innocents will be burned alive and sent to wow hell by the Horde again, they must be dismantled.

The Horde has once and for all proven that they aren’t any better than the Burning Legion, and that they just want blood, destruction and make innocents suffer.
They are not working towards peace, they are working for the total annihilation of every living being that isn’t Horde, and if they aren’t Horde they also deserve to go to super hell according to them


Never mind all the times the Horde saved the world. That’s not convenient, so we cant consider it.


Doesn’t justify burning children and civilians alive and sending them to hell for no reason at all other than them being Night Elves.


A truth even Valtrois’s mana addled mind was eventually able to comprehend.

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Isn’t the only reason it’s not ruled an atrocity or war crime because back then they didn’t have any laws for it and can’t retroactively punish them now? It’s pretty widely considered a dirty moment in history.

On topic: two wrongs don’t make a right but the Horde have done a damn good job of making themselves a threat that will not stop short of exterminating their enemies.


If that were the case, then how did the Nuremburg trials happen?

Yes clearly the Horde has destroyed thousands to millions of worlds in a crusade to end reality like the burning legion.

By my count, the horde has SAVED more worlds than its destroyed.


Christian Lore that believes in Hell would say God himself sent all but one Family to Hell when he sent the World Spanning Flood to wipe out all life. Do you condemn God!?!

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I mean that was against someone unambiguously the enemy. Nobody wants to tell the US they did something wrong.

Yes. That’s as much as I’m going to say about it.


The only difference is the scope of their reach. They’re stuck on Azeroth. Which they’ve attempted multiple genocidal, and non-genocidal (maybe? I’m still not sure if Garrosh’s goal was mere subjugation) conquests of.


Oh my god, not this thread again


I still count a net positive gain for Azeroth. The Horde helped saved the world 4-5 times. Which is more than the 3-4 times they attempted widespread evil.

The Alliance could do ANYTHING to the Horde and it WOULD be justified.


Because the Horde has proven TIME AND TIME again they are unable to resist the urge to launch unprovoked wars with the end goal being genocide.

The Horde has proven TIME and TIME again they are unable to keep there own house in order, and CONSTANTLY need the Alliance to show up and bail them out of the sh*t smeared mattress they lay in.

Seriously its literally only the Alliances MERCY that the Horde still exists, and that is a mistake if you ask me.

The Orcs should be forcibly relocated back to Outland en masse.

The Tauren isolated in there home lands, and the trolls all relocated to the Zandalari isles.

The Goblins that have sided with the Horde that entire Cartel should be slaughtered.

Nightborn herded back to Suramar,

Blood Elves Isolated in Quel’Thalas,

Vulpera should join the Trolls and be cast back into Vuldun.

The High Mountain Driven back to High mountain.

The Forsaken should simply be purged all together, to finally remove the blight of Undeath from the Northern Eastern Kingdoms.

This is what SHOULD happen, as the Horde has simply proven itself to be nothing more than a genocidal war machine with a thirst for the blood of innocent in lore.


Again, that’s not how morality works. Just because some one is a bad person doesn’t mean you have free reign to commit atrocities upon them. Otherwise you too become a bad person.


Yes it is.

The Orcs cannot be allowed to continue to be the CANCER they are. The only way to solve that issue is either Killing them all, or throwing them back to the Homeworld they destroyed.

At this point it’s preemptive self defense.

All Horde Races need to be dealt with and the faction as a whole destroyed.


I mean, it is how karma works. And karma is A morality.

I think the world’s GOVERNMENTS are wrong and he’s right.

A nuclear attack on a civilian population is absolutely an atrocity.