We need an anti-bot patrol

just got my partner to come and take a look to verify what i was seeing.

i’ve never seen a bot set up for questing, so i spent about an hour watching them.

they all seem to be based on proudmoore… all jibberish names, in the same couple of guilds.


… I’m not a bot okay? I’m not even a multiboxer, I farm alone.

Indeed, some bots have similar names and the same guilds, get stuck in the same places, and also do not violate certain boundaries.
Although we write reports, the maximum we get is just an automatic email with the same text.


Heh, sending reports of bots to blizzard and getting a response from a blizzard bot, it’s the uprising of the machines!


Serious question: is it possible to bot on another account and send all those gold to your main before it got banned?

All gnomes right? I saw them too, there’s at least 30 of them it’s horrible.

Getting stuck on the handrail at the bottom of the stair…

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Nah I’ll provide it :slight_smile:

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now that you mention it, i think they may have been… i’ve logged out now.

if there weren’t dozens of them all doing the same thing, it wouldn’t have looked so obvious.
i probably wouldn’t even have noticed.

the first couple i saw, i just assumed was someone dual-boxing… then i saw more, and more, and more… and… then discovered there was an entire army of them. :zipper_mouth_face:

i reported about 8, not that it will accomplish anything… there are just way too many.

blizz clearly aren’t going to slam the banhammer any time soon, but it would be nice if they changed the pathing of the fel reavers in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can we call them anti-bot-ies?

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Thank for providing the article. It was an interesting read.

But nowhere in it do they say anything to the effect of:

I saw them when I was trying to do my loremaster, and that was… three months ago I think, reported them at the time but didn’t get any in-game mail from gm.

I could be wrong, but I have several versions. For example, if this is a group of bots, they are often in the same guild and most likely the accumulated gold is stored in the guild bank.
Also, if I remember correctly, there is a function where you exchange the game token for real money in the Blizzard wallet. Thus, bots first accumulate gold, then exchange gold for a game token, and the token is already for money in the wallet. From the wallet, they make a gift supposedly to a friend, that is, they buy another game for another account.
The accumulated resources can simply be sold at the auction, sent to the main account, or stored in the bank.

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So if I decided to start botting now, I don’t have to worry about anything, at least for a few months because there’s zero repercussion? Now I feel like all those time I used to farm Skyreach manually was wasted…

At least you are an honest person.
Unfortunately, according to my observations, bots continue their activity for a long time even after reports, and this is a sad fact. During this time, they have already managed to accumulate enough funds to buy new accounts.

How is it hateful?

Sorry ,I’m late took a nap. Sure there are lone farmers I use to be one on this toon but it can turn on you with people that would falsely accuse you of being one for they’re reason. Besides,I did see you there so I’m not accusing you.

By assigning a label without definition or context you can attach the labels implied concept to the intent of the communication.

Edit I removed something here :smiley: (this will just confuse i think) so I removed it :smiley:

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But in that time Blizz has learned how they do what they do without flagging Warden

and how to make sure they do get caught which in turn reduces the number of bots there could have been.

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But how long does it take? This time is more than enough to create another army of bots. Although Blizzard is engaged in the destruction of programs for bots, dishonest people are already preparing new versions. For many years Blizzard has been acting with his own methods, but the result is the same - bots are everywhere and for a long time.
So why not try new methods?

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This is why they need to limit nodes to one for a wow account daily. This will stop bots in their tracks. They need to also put a cap limit on the AH for what you can price out for profession materials to 100% over vendor value. That will stop botters from ripping off AH purchasers with price gouging practices.


That’s right, the auction also has problems with bots. If earlier using the auction was a pleasant part of the gameplay, now it is a constant struggle of lots.

Blizzard’s loyal attitude towards bots is really sad.