We need an all Druid Guild

40 paladins could probably kill almost anything but only if you can keep them all awake for the 2 hrs it will take to down each boss.


Back in the wrath and cata era my guild used to do all druid dungeons was so fun. Bear died? Since we ran with 2 cat dps, one more tanky than the other, they could shift bear for a save.

Healer had an issue? The mookin would toss heals. Good times.

Not to mention all can stealth.

Id love to be part of an all druid guild since my main is a druid, and will also main a druid in classic. Ive ran many all druid dungeons before with my guild in the past.


LoL 10/10.

I was once a member of ‘Druid Raid Officers’ on Boulderfist, so such a thing has existed in the past. I was never of high rank in it myself though, but it did some raiding and world pvp stuff. It went mostly inert sometime during late BC/Wrath and was a dead guild by Cataclysm so I left.

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Unfortunate yet predictable that so many conflate “all Druid guild” with “all Druid raid.”

In truth, a cohesive, all Druid guild could have a blast and break the game to a certain extent. Stealth boss and recipe dungeon runs could make the members filthy rich and wpvp against this particular guild would be a nightmare. This guild would also own the enchanting mats market. A coordinated travel form pillaging of high demand herb zones would also be lucrative.


You could call it… Paws and Effect.


Unfurgetable if you want a sweet one word guild name.


You just feed the bear now we are going to have 400 more posts


Nice one Ythisens!

Yeah… it’s kind of a shame…

This is one of the major reasons that I just want to see Classic loot system modified.

I mean, there are tweaks I want to see to Tier sets and talents to address the critical flaws within the Class system. But, I don’t actually want to see the Class system changed.

The loot system is something I would flat out change entirely. Because it is almost 90% completely stupid.

I will play Classic. I don’t really think I care about getting loot outside of T3. There’s just no point hoping against messed up RNG.

we need fur color choices

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That’s a good druid guild name < Fur Choices > lol.


Honestly when I think of this, all I can imagine is a large number of stealthed feral druids trolling Hillsbrad…


Yup it would be glorious!

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60 druids should be able to take out a faction leader in their home city. That would be more fun.


Could call yourselves petting zoo.


Petting a druid gets you bit…then they use your storage bags as a litter box.

Strange story. In vanilla I was playing my Paladin running around in Menethil (sp?) doing quests. A druid in cat form came up to me, asked if he could be my pet, and I sort of shrugged nervous and said sure. He followed me around for 20+ minutes while I quested, occasionally meowing and asking me to pet him, until I logged off because I felt uncomfortable. So I know in the battleground they tend to nip quite a bit - but I’ve never been the same since I experienced Druids on the other side of that spectrum.

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Druids are the reason there is /bite and /lick depending on if they are ticked off. And one time I was helping a friend level a pally must of looked like a pet because everyone in a low level zone was asking how he got a hunter pet as a pally lol

I would love to see this !

Slightly off topic, but another potential good idea for a guild would be a hybrid only guild. Consisting of druids, shaman/paladins, and priests.

Such a guild would be able to field a comprehensive mix of all roles, albeit not as cool as an all druid guild.