We Mistweave, they hateweave

Patch 10.2 approaches and mistweavers more openly admit they love mistweaving instead of fistweaving. It seems mistweaving can do high keys afterall and in raiding its the go-to.

Meanwhile they still hateweave in peaks of serenity. What a sad discord.
The legacy of soomweaver lives on!


True. This discord is super biased. For 90% of the players mistweaver would be a more fitting solution as it is easier to play. Fistweaver is just needed for very high keys cuz of DMG reasons


How high are the keys you can do at level 10?


Stay mad I guess?

This isn’t you openly admitting to ban evading is it?

But hey as long as it furthers your agenda you don’t care how its negatively affecting the raid gameplay :smiling_face:

Also it’s wild how you guys blame peak when in reality its like 1-2 people you don’t like :slight_smile:


You all can repeat it over and over again but it doesn’t become more true.

Monk is a melee class. If developers would have intended the class to be a ranged spec then 95% of there crowd control and damage abilities would not have melee range as all the other healer classes that are intended to be ranged specs have there abilities with a range that allows them to cast them from a position they are intended to be in the most of the time.

If you dislike this, sure, play the spec from distance and ignore half of your kit. You will start arguing that the damage of healers is irrelevant in keys below 22/23 and I will agree (thats a problem on its own). But what is not irrelevant in keys above 13 is to stop important casts with kicks and stuns.

You can argue that this isn’t the healers job, but it is more than the DPS‘s job as the best healed damage is the damage that doesn’t even hits. You can argue that it is not required as the DPS are already doing it, but then you are just lazy and want others to do more because you refuse to help. The DPS job is to kill the mobs. Every GCD spend on other things will result in less damage, therefore longer living packs and therefore more healing required. Contributing stops if someone will not die because of one global is therefore the highest priority as a healer.

You can of course play the spec with a casting focused talent build out of melee range, but avoid mechanics in melee while forced to not move is even harder. Its already extremely hard in raid and there you are definitely required to be in melee because of RSK on CD.


23 for me if you asked that?

What exactly is ignored from a cf centered build?

As for utilities. Only meele situation I use is mass stun and kick. Other then that I’m chillin in range from a save distance to frontals and bleeds. How about stop hating range players? I also acknowledge meele players and never said it’s only one spec viable.

What I’m saying is that it’s awesome that mw has two viable builds for us. It’s called spec diversity.

The same design philosophy is currently in place for paladin. You can also play it from a range perspective. So obviously some folks in here don’t get the talent tree idea at all

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Its truly astonishing how the hateweavers at peak of serenity discord try to gaslight everyone. They are against diversity , biased towards another superviable build.

Mistweave on !


It’s all drama-weaving, from both sides.

Ignore it and play how you want - you’ll all have a much better time.


Where is the proof?


Blizzard literally describes monk as, “Monk talents focus on directing their chi energy to control the battlefield by enhancing their movement, restricting their foe’s, and even healing their allies while simultaneously damaging their enemies.”

Now please give us all a good laugh and try and claim Blizz is referring to lightning as simultaneously damaging their enemies.

corrosive dosage
zen pulse
chi wave

debunked :clown_face:

priest has psychic scream
obvs melee class :clown_face:

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I’ll let you find someone to explain how foolish your response is, like comical.

Yes but why do you care what they preach over there? Those who play for max efficiency will use whatever simcraft spits out and the rest will either contend with a suboptimal alternative they find fun or have rerolled to another class if they wanted both fun and performance.

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Buff mw chiji please

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An community should represent all players and not favor 0,1%.

Exactly after the sentence you quoted. Most if MW‘s abilities have a melee range.

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If you mean “discord community” that’s a private website, they can turn it into an echo chamber if they want. People have to learn the hard way not to blindly follow third party sites (I know I did with icy veins…).
If they get stuck because they’re trying to make the mathematically optimal build work and end up underperforming while not having fun, they’ll either adapt or reroll. Eventually someone at blizz will notice the spec’s dying and figure something out.

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speechless my boy

my only point is that nowhere in the quoted description is your definition of melee class accepted or rejected by blizzard and there are design artifacts contrary to your conclusion

should monk be melee? yeah i think so
should it be only melee? not at all

for the record too, the description explicitly outlines mobility, which is something i have believed should be more core to mistweaver than punching your allies to full or being a green gas turret – mobility is sadly underplayed with current design

remember when chi torpedo healed? i have been around long enough to see a lot of game features get sacrificed for “gameplay qol” and i dont think hyperfocus on either mw motif is healthy overall for meaningful choices

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